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My Surgery is Scheduled-any tips or advice?


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I have passed all the approriate tests and I will be having my surgery on Monday , December 27th.

I am fortunate that this can be done. I was told during my preop testing that only 1 in 5 are eligible for the surgery. That was a statistic that just boggled my mind. I wish you all could do it .

My pain is to be managed with the epidural and/or the morphine push or whatever that is really called.

I will be in touch when I can.

If any of you have tips that would benefit my hospital stay or return home I would welcome the input.

Thanks to all for your prayers and support

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.


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Use that magic little button on the morphine drip! :lol::lol::lol:

I went from the epidural to morphine, to demoral, and went home with percocet. Took the percocet religiously for the first week. DO NOT wait for the pain to come. When I started to feel a little uncomfortable, I knew it was time for another pill. I was off the percocet in 3 weeks.

Get someone to bring your own pillow into the hospital. It makes a world of difference. And take a phone card.

Good luck and God bless


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You are very fortunate that your cancer was caught early and can be removed. As far as hints, several people have said it helps to have something to squeeze (a teddy bear or pillow) close to your chest when you have to cough.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.


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Kate good luck with surgery. I agree about taking the pain meds in the beginning when you are supposed to, don't let the pain get too bad. I had problems getting the pain meds to work after my 2nd attempt at surgery. No pain meds seemed to work but by the morning of the third day I seemed to be able to handle the pain better even though the meds weren't working.

As soon as you can....get up and walk and walk and walk! Not only is it more comfortable standing because of the chest tube, it helps to get your strength back. Another piece of advise that I have is when you are walking put the thing that your chest tube drains into on a wheel chair, not only do you have something to lean on but it holds the box really well. You'll know better what I'm talking about the day after surgery.

Looking back over everything......I think the surgery was easier then treatment (I had surgery 1st), although right after surgery (before treatment) I thought it was the worst thing I had ever had. Now I would rather have surgery again then radiation or chemo :) go figure.

Keep us posted when you can! You'll breeze right through it, be prepared to wait 6mths before wearing a bra again! :D

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One last piece of advise is to be good to yourself. Give yourself time to heal properly. It is really easy to push yourself too quickly and then you end up more miserable than you needed to be. When someone offers to give you a hand, let them.

After the surgery, sleeping in a recliner might work better than trying to sleep in your bed.

Last but not least, know that you will feel better eventually. This is just a set back - not a life sentence.

My best to you for a speedy recovery. Keep us posted,


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Be realistic in terms of your recovery. This is major surgery and will take some time to get back to normal, but you can get there.

I would recommend doing everything activity-wise that your surgeon recommends. Mine said I could get all my lung function back if I did the breathing exercises, and then really pushed the exercise once I was cleared for normal activity.

I walked every day, except during chemo, and then I was as active as I could be when I felt good.

I think that was very important in terms of recovery.

Good luck to you.


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I can not add anything that has not been said so I will recapt it....

1- Walk ASAP

2- Use the breathing thing (spirometer) as much as possible

3- Don't be afraid to ask for pain meds before you are in deep pain

4- Take a teddybear or pillow to place under shoulders while coughing

5- It is not easy but you can get through it with time

and last but not least.....Get back here and give us an update. Good Luck and will be thinking about you December 27.

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