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Superior Sulcus Tumor


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That would be me- I had a superior sulcus tumor , otherwise known as a Pancoast Tumor, after Dr Pancoast who described the symptoms etc of a tumor in the apex of the lung. I just celebrated my 7 years of survival anniversary since diagnosis. I am still entertaining my dear friend NED ( no evidence of disease) . It is not a common spot for a tumor but there are several of us here at this site who have been diagnosed with it. What would you like to know? Did your Mom have pain? Many see a chiropractor or orthopedist for a while trying to feel better. There are other problems it can cause also because it can press against nerves or blood vessels. Tell us some more. Meanwhile , welcome . Donna G

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I also had a Pancoast tumor, rather large. I had radiation and chemotherapy, which effectively killed the tumor, and surgery to remove it.

That was a little over four years ago, and I have been NED since then.

Yes they are rare, but treatable. I was diagnosed IIIA.

Good luck, Calintay, keep us posted.


Prayers always,


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