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Diabetic (sp) now????


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Hi all, hope everyone had a nice Christmas, and looking forward to a happy and better new year!!

I had taken Mom to a new dr before the holidays. He is an internist, and we are planning to use him as her primary doc. They did the normal blood work and the chemo lab and sent a copy over to the new doc. They called this afternoon, and it seems her blood sugar is high, although talking to mom it is outta this world high. She said somethin about 180, which if memory serves me right yes, thats high but not that high. Im thinking 400+ is high and 120 or so is normal. Please correct me here, as I really dont know where im getting these numbers other than just pulling them from my head.

Mom is of course freaking out, not so much of having diabeties, but of having another "illness" and having to take more medicine, more money, etc...Just another thing for her to sit home alone a be depressed about. I did get her back on the anti depressants, but i dont notice they do any good. Not to mention the fact she constantly complains about it. She wanted me to leave it out of her meds this week, and i told her I couldnt stand to be around her when she wasnt taking them. I know that was mean and I wish I hadnot said it quite like that, but she does need them. I truly think she needs to see someone more equiped to deal with this, than me and Paxil. That would go over great if I told her I was taking her to a shrink!!!

In November when she was in the hospital trying to find the cause of all her pain, they watch her blood suger for a few days, as it was kinda high, but it leveled out after a few days. My grandma, her mom has diabeties and has for about 7 yrs, so its was/is kinda expected I think that Mom would too (me as well). I just dont know THAT much about it, and of course mom wants answers 2 hours ago. So im back searching the internet and if anyone has anything, anything at all that might put her at ease, i would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks so much


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Unreal, Kim.

For some reason, the thought of diabetes not only popped in my mind this morning, but hung around for a little while too.

With everything else that I have got going on, that would just about send me over the edge. As it is right now, I eat haphazzardly. That is about all the energy I can put toward eating. It is a bother. If I had to spend time thinking about it, I would not fare well. I am guessing this is about what your mom is thinking too. I pace in front of the microwave...hurry up, you dang thing!! This is between, what? one to three minutes???

Sorry about her bad news.

They have a really good diabetes care center here...supposedly one of the best in the country. It is all about education. I think the better educated a person is, the better one manages diet, exercise, meds etc.

In this instance, it might be a good idea to ask the doctor for a referral to be educated about her disease and how to manage it.

All my best,

Cindi o'h.

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180 does not sound too bad, my mom is diabetic.

One thing I know from my mom's treatment is that cancer treatment can make your sugar go out of control. My mom was not on insulin before and now she is. Something especially in the anti-nausea meds they gave her made it go extra out of whack and the drip too. The good news is that with the insulin, her diabetes has never been better, her diabetes number is perfect for the first time in long while.

I am editing to add one thing since the issue of eating came up---my mom eats what she wants. She eats cookies and cake. She cut back on carbs by not eating a bagel each morning. However her lunch often is Famous Amos cookies and tea and for the first time her numbers are good diabetes wise, I think it is just moderation, at least for her. The diabetes dr could not be more pleased with how under control she got it.

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Yes steroids can affect your blood sugars. As far as blood sugars of 180 , that is too high, anything over 120 is too high. In recent years they have really tightened up the standard for elevated blood sugars. At the hospital we give insulin to get a blood sugar down if we find it at 180. Our protocol says if we find it elevated that high 3 times in a row we are to call the doctor and have something changed , as give NPH or more NPH etc . Research has found that any elevated blood sugar does damage. It is a good thing that the doctors are watching. In our intensive care unit they are watching all patients, not only diabetics for elevated blood sugars, figuring that the stress of being so sick can cause elevated blood sugars, people with elevated blood sugars don't heal as easily. Donna G

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Thanks all for your responses.

I am not sure about the 180, but I will try to find out more today when I call the doc myself. I am also going to go out and buy a monitor so as we can check this everyday for a bit, and see what we get.

Mom has been on prednisone since dx (june) about 20 mg, right now for the second time we are trying to wean her down, the last 2 weeks have been 15mg and will go 10 next week. Her breathing has gotten considerably worse over the last 6 weeks or so, where as she was on no oxygen or nebulizer for a bit, now she is again. Oxygen as needed and 4 times a day on the neb. We have not been able to pinpoint a reason as to why the sudden change in her breathing so I am wondering can blood sugar affect breathing in any way?

I know she does not eat properly, exactly like Cyndi descibed, when I read that post to Mom, she thought I was talking about her. I am not sure though how easy it is for a single elderly person to eat properly. I do what I can, but its not alot here in this area. She does not cook, never has, and quick,easy is her diet.

Thanks again all, and i will keep you updated on our latest adventure. Donna? Am I understanding that we want the number to be 120 or less?


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Kim, I would say 110 or less. That is the standard I go by, but 120 might be acceptable, too. Standards vary from lab to lab (different equipment). Prednisone is almost surely the cause of her elevated blood sugar. The stress of illness will elevate blood sugar, too. Blood sugar would not be affecting her breathing. Hope she improves soon. - Teresa

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