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My daughter loves olives


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Last night my 14-year-old daughter wanted to eat a can of olives. I said a whole can would not be that great for her and she began to read the label. She read of the polyunsaturated and saturated fats and asked if they were good or not. She ate about half of the can and put the rest in a bowl with cover for later.

Apparently she as polished those and now wants the other can and asked where it was. I told her that I had not seen it but one can of olives in a 24-hour period was plenty. She asked why? I said with a British flair that olives were a condiment. Her eyes got huge and she said "WHAT"?!! Never hearing that word before she thought it was a dirty word! We laughed and laughed and in between she would say don't talk like that around me. She also told me that she wouldn’t look at olives the same way again. :lol::lol::lol:

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My oldest niece thought the same thing about "embroidery" was she was small.

Another niece told her Mom (my sister) after she came from school one day, "Mom, today I learned the "f" word on the playground -" My sister was horrified at her little girl learning that language at school! She was quickly relieved, however, when my niece said, " - fart."


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