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signature to long??


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I am not sure where to post this, where it will get seen, so I chose here.

I have sent a pm to Rick, but I know how busy he is, and thought maybe someone here might know.

I have been trying unsucessfully to update my profile, signature line. Everytime it says canoot do, too long. It says you can have 1900 characters, and I know i havent that many. I guess i could count but....I know I have seen some pretty long sig.lines out here, alot longer than mine. So if anyone knows what if anything I am doing wrong I would appreciate it..I wanna updated profile so I can ASK THE EXPERTS too!!!!

Thanks Kim

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Hi Kim,

I don't have a solution either, but I just read your profile and would suggest that maybe you could shorten some of the narrative. Look at Wendy's above me and mine and you'll see what I mean. Actually, when the profiles briefly state the facts, they are a lot easier for us to read through, especially the doctors.

I left a note for my husband's onc one day and the nurse said to make it short or he won't read it all. LOL!



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