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My worst fears confirmed


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Geesh, this is a hard one to face I am sure. You are such a strong individual that if any one can do this, I am sure you can. So many on this board have gone through WBR and made it fine. And don't forget the vaccine is waiting as soon as you are finished with that. Cheryl, I won't lie to you...I would be scared to death and I am sure you are too. The good news is you are so much stronger than most people that I know you can muster the courage that many can't and beat this monster. You are always in my prayers. Now only more so. Keep in touch and let us know if any of us can do anything besides pray for you with all of our hearts.


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We are right there beside you.......Please lean on us. I believe our hearts and minds are ONE when it comes to fighting this monster. Let's talk this new treatment plan through. Although I'm not experienced much in different treatment levels....my heart still bleeds to reach out and help.

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((((((((((CHERYL)))))))))) and prayers are being sent your way. As others have said, you're still in this trial once those darn brain mets are taken of. You and Jack are fighters and you'll get through this but I'm sorry you have to deal with this ---- you've been through so much already! Remember we're here with you --- when you need love and encouragement, we'll be here.

Gail P-M

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Cheryl, take a deep breath and take it one day at a time. This disease is such a roller coaster of emotions and full of challenging situations. I can feel your fear and I wish I could make it go away. I hope you can take strength from the people here that have gone through this ahead of you and most of all from all the prayers being sent your way. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.

God Bless,


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Cheryl, I have been sitting here wishing I had magic words to say, but all I can come up with is you and Jack are very strong and champions in this fight, and I know you will fight on!

I know what Ginny said about Earl must be a comfort, since his brain cont. to function pretty well, and also what all the rest have said about WBR and such.

For me, I will be holding your hand and praying for strenght for you both in the battle.



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You have faced and conquered my hurdles so far in your quest to live with this disease. None of us like to hear the bad news. It brings up feelings of anxiety and sadness. We feel like we are no longer in control (as if we were ever) and we seem to lose our confidence to fight the beast. Everytime you jumped one of those hurdles and continued in the race, you showed that your desire to live your life as always was stronger than those sad feelings. It is not to say that those sad feelings are not real but hope is what gives the courage to face each day with this disease. Take the time to feel the sad feelings then dust yourself off and get ready to jump the new hurdle.

I need to update my profile but here is my story with brain mets. I was first diagnosed in Oct. 2002 as Stage IV due to a single brain met. It was successfully treated with the gamma knife. In May 04, two additional brain mets were identified and again treated with the gamma knife. My follow up exam to this procedure showed more brain mets. At this time it was decided I needed to get whole brain radiation. During Oct., I had 20 WBR treatments. I was fortunate to not to ever experience any symtoms. I work a part time schedule - about 20-24 hours per week. I was able to keep up with my work schedule during this whole time plus care for my 8 year old son.

The worst part of the WBR is the decadron. I do not sleep well while taking this drug. The drug makes you short tempered and sleep deprivation for me just aggravates the situation. I would suggest that you try to get them to prescribe the lowest dosage possible for you and get them to start the weaning off process as early as possible.

I have experienced fatigue during November and December and cut back my work hours. I did experience an allergic reaction to a chemo drug at the end of Oct. After changing chemo regimens in late Nov., I needed 2 pints of blood due to low counts. So many things could be contributing to my fatigue. The good news is that I am feeling stronger each day and have been increasing my hours at work.

You can do this. Get thru the WBR - we will be here for you. The vaccine trial is waiting for you and we waitng to hear its success so we all (that have the protiens) can benefit.

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Cheryl, I am so very sorry you are once again being challenged with more of this horrid disease..... But.. like so many have already stated, this is only a setback and a call to fight, it is treatable and although it is riduculous not to worry, try as hard as you can to go easy on yourself now. As I was going through all the replies, I thought what a terrific energy we all have when we rally together, let that energy help you, we ll pray for your return to health, very soon.. I am so sorry. WHERE IS OUR CURE. PLEASE.......ANYONE OUT THERE

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Cheryl, Just checked in today after a few days away and was saddened to hear your news. Hope by now you have the fighting spirit back, I know you can overcome this bump in your journey, remember you have Jack and all of us along side you. Hope you went out and spent some time with your horses, they always have a healing, comforting affect on me!

You will be in my thoughts and prayers as always.


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