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Finally got a little encouragement from the Doc

Carol Lee S

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Gene went for his second round of Gemzar today, this is the first treatment since his cardiac catherization. I am hoping he doesn't get as tired as the last time, but if it works I will be shouting from the roof tops. The Doc was in an encouraging mood today and was happy with the results of the catherzaition and pleased that Gene has gotten the incentive spirometor to the best level. He also said he didn't notice any change on the Xray although it was hard to tell. I was encouraged by that statement as the Docs in the ER room the other night were upset by the amount of inflitration in the other lung. Gene's doc said you really can't tell by an xray and he would wait another round before taking a CT scan. He also put Gene on an antibiodic as he thought some of the cough was loose. I'm thinking maybe that other lung is just the remains of the prior pneumonia, they never took a biopsy of any of it in the right lung. I am holding onto that thought for now. Thanks for letting me ramble on!! Carol

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Caro and Gene

It's amazing how our emotional barometer is so cued in to whatever the doctor's is! I wonder if they realize this???

Things sound more promising for you, so will continue to pray and keep fingers crossed for more progress!

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