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A cancer treatment for the Millennium


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Disclaimer: I almost hesitate to post the following article (found in "Alternative Medicine" Magazine), but since this is the "Alternative" forum, I thought it was interesting enough to share. Please note that I am in no way recommending that everyone abandon "traditional" therapies and jaunt off to Mexico. With that said......

A cancer treatment for the Millennium


We are sorry, but you probably have only two more months left, at the outside," the doctors told John Franzoni, as they've told millions of other people. "There's nothing more that we can do for you."

The doctors had done plenty, including traditional radiation treatment, in an attempt to destroy the tumors on John's esophagus and in his lungs. The radiation left him sick and debilitated, but at the end of treatment the tumors were not only still there, they had doubled in mass. Because of this, chemotherapy was not considered an option.

Four months later, however, John not only wasn't dead, he was feeling better than he had in years. The three tumors on his throat and tongue, which the doctors thought would quickly overwhelm him, were completely gone. The cancer tumors in his lungs had been reduced 25% so far. All signs have him headed toward remission. The reason: he was guided by a friend to a clinic in Mexico that had just started using a therapy that conventional medicine had first ignored and then successfully quashed over the past 38 years.

The clinic was BioPulse, and the therapy they employed has the formidable-sounding name of Insulin-induced Hypoglycemic Therapy (IHT).

And formidable it is, as a therapy that is showing amazing results in reversing even end-stage cancer. BioPulse only began using IHT in June 1999. At the time this article is being written, they have used this therapy on thirty-two patients, with about thirty treatments each. Every patient treated has had their tumors substantially reduced or completely eliminated. It is the same with their pain--diminished or gone altogether. Patients report increased appetite, improved mental outlook and sense of humor, and general sense of well-being. There have been absolutely no adverse effects. While it is obviously too early to tell if their cancer will never reoccur, there is no reason to think it will. In conjunction with IHT, BioPulse employs a comprehensive detoxification and fortification program, along with nutrition and lifestyle education. This is an integrated systemic approach. As long as patients adhere to healthy life habits, their bodies should prove inhospitable for cancer or any other degenerative disease.

The patients treated so far with IHT at BioPulse have had a variety of different cancers, including cancer of the lung, colon, pancreas, liver, breast, prostate, esophagus, bone and blood. Their conditions range from early-stage to advanced. Some went straight to BioPulse soon after they were diagnosed; others didn't go until after they had undergone excruciating radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy that had left them severely debilitated, but uncured and facing death.

Scans of a 51-year-old woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer that spread to her bones. The black-and white scan on the left was taken in 12/98 at Mercy Medical Center in Durango Colorado. The dark areas show extensive tumors in her bones. She came to BioPulse in 7/99 in a wheelchair. She commenced IHT and within 3 weeks, 50% of her tumors had disappeared. Her pain had also diminished substantially and she no longer needed the wheelchair. A month later, another 50% of the remaining tumors had disappeared. The color scans on the right were taken in with updated equipment in 8/99. The yellow areas show how much the cancer had been reduced.

How IHT Works

IHT involves intravenously introducing insulin to produce a state of profoundly lowered blood sugar. This state lasts for a period of about an hour under careful clinical supervision. It is this hypoglycemic condition that changes the environment in the body to one in which cancer cells cannot survive.

Insulin Therapy was first employed in 1928 as an experimental treatment to cure morphine addiction. Its efficacy caused it to quickly gain popularity and be used to treat other mental conditions. Its first and only use for cancer treatment was by a single physician, Dr. Surgis Koroljow, for a period of a few years in the late 1950s. He reported spectacular success, but was forced to stop his work after the state of New Jersey threatened to revoke his license (please see the sidebar on the facing page, "How Conventional Medicine Suppressed a Promising Therapy...")

Because its use as a treatment for cancer has been so limited, no one is sure of the exact mechanism whereby IHT destroys cancer cells. However, because of its wide use to treat mental illnesses for over 20 years, the physiological effects that IHT has on the body are well known.

Oxygen and glucose are normally metabolized together. When glucose levels are lowered by insulin, the body's metabolism slows, oxygen accumulates in the blood, and the production of carbon dioxide decreases. This, in turn, increases the pH of the blood and tissues, so that they go from an acidic to an alkaline condition. Tumor cells have been described as "immature," and in some ways they are more vulnerable than normal cells, in the same way that healthy adults are better able to resist disease than sickly infants. Cancer cells cannot survive in an oxygenated, alkaline environment. Since hypoglycemic sleep is actually produced by excess oxygen in the blood through the paralysis of oxidation-reduction enzymes, it has been theorized that the extreme pH of the blood inactivates enzymes responsible for cancer cells' energy, and their ability to replicate. Repeated exposure to these conditions does not harm healthy cells, but it kills cancer cells.

Receiving IHT at Biopulse

It takes five days of preparation once a patient arrives at BioPulse before IHT is formally commenced. Initial small insulin injections are given on a daily basis at first, with the patient's blood glucose tested every quarter-hour for one hour, and then every hour for four hours, to determine the proper dosage for each individual. The blood is also analyzed to detect any nutritional deficiencies or abnormalities.

Based on what the staff learns the first week, they prepare an IV that is given an hour prior to the insulin. The IV contains vitamins and minerals tailored to the patient's needs, including high amounts of vitamin A and melatonin to protect brains cells from a lack of glucose.

Then the insulin itself is administered. A critical care physician and registered nurse are at bedside, continually monitoring every moment, and modifying the IV to maintain the desired glucose level. The sessions last 114 to 112 hours, during which time glucose levels are lowered from the normal level of 100 to 150, mg/dL, down to 20 mg/dL or below. Oxygen is also administered during the entire session. Patients are brought out of their sleep with the injection of methylene blue and an IV of glucose. BioPulse has found that the regulation of glucose return--not too fast and not too slow--is vital to the comfort of the patient. Therefore they emerge smoothly, without any side effects, with a feeling of well-being. They are generally soaked with sweat, which is a positive therapeutic sign. They are also almost always hungry, which is extremely positive for a cancer patient.

Most positive of all is that 75% of the patients report a reduction in their pain from the very first session. Virtually all feel substantially better after the third session, and some are completely pain-free by then. The present course of treatment consists of 30 to 35 sessions over the course of eight weeks. With refinement, BioPulse is hoping to reduce their protocol to a four-week period, when their patients can leave the clinic well on the road to recovery, or even cancer-free.

A Total Program

Patients at BioPulse are never treated by IHT alone. This kills the cancer cells, but cancer is a systemic disease, and the entire environment of the body must be changed. To be truly cured of cancer, and to prevent its reoccurrence, the body must be detoxified, the immune system rebuilt, nutritional deficiencies rectified, and all biological functions normalized as much as possible.

To accomplish all this, BioPulse employs a number of techniques. Not all methods are employed for every patient, but combined as appropriate. For almost everyone, vitamin and mineral IVs are given to strengthen the body, along with amino acid and enzyme therapies, and oral supplementation. Nutrition and nutrition education are fundamental. Dr. Bernarda Lara, BioPulse's critical care M.D., personally determines a custom menu of five different breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for patients to use as guidelines when they return home.

For detoxification BioPulse uses chelation, and a program of colonics and enemas. Patients are sent to biological dentists to remedy problems caused by toxic amalgam fillings and infections from root canals.Other weapons in the clinic's medical arsenal include Hyberbaric Oxygen, and energy protocols such as Pulsed Magnetic Wave Therapy and Acoustic Light Wave Therapy.

Case Histories

The course of even successful therapy rarely runs smoothly. Take the case of 55-year-old John Franzoni, mentioned at the beginning of this article. The friend who originally referred John to BioPulse was the actress Sally Kirkland. She had learned about the clinic from Alternative Medicine's Burton Goldberg, when she consulted him about getting detoxified after having her silicone breast implants removed. When John arrived at BioPulse he had one large tumor on the back of his tongue and two large tumors on the inside of his throat that were so large he could hardly speak or eat. His conventional doctors thought that, if nothing else, these would cause John to starve to death. He also had one large tumor in the occipital area at the base of his skull that caused him dizziness. Plus, a life-long smoker, his lungs were riddled with tumors.

After a week of prep work, he began IHT. He emerged from his third session feeling especially good, until one-half hour later he began spitting up blood. He spat up blood for some hours, until at 8:00 PM he spat up three chunks of tissue. BioPulse analyzed them in their laboratory and determined they were not coagulated blood but fibrous tissue. Immediately afterwards, however, John began to speak clearly for the first time in three weeks. Dr. Lara looked down his throat and saw that the three tumors were gone--either he had coughed them up or swallowed them. However, he now had three open lesions and they were bleeding.

John was taken to a San Diego area hospital's emergency room, but four hours later the hospital phoned BioPulse and said "This patient is going to be dead in nine hours. Where do you want us to ship the body?" So Loran Swensen, president of BioPulse, drove over and found John sitting up in bed.

"How do you feel?" Loran asked. "I feel fine," John replied, and, pointing to the ER physician, continued, "but this *ss-- here tells me I'm going to die." "Well, he's bleeding internally," said the doctor. "I don't think so," explained Loran, "I think he's just bleeding where he had had three tumors. They just came off." "That's impossible," said the doctor. "Look," Loran went on, "he's got three open lesions in his throat that just need cauterizing." The doctor refused to admit John, insisting that the procedure would be futile. John discharged himself, and Loran took him to the University of California at San Diego Medical Center, where he was admitted. The lesions were cauterized and the bleeding stopped immediately. John returned to the clinic ten days later and is doing fantastic. After three more weeks of IHT the remaining tumors in his lungs have decreased by 25 percent. Experiences like this prompted biopulse to open their own critical care center on site in October, 1999.

Another amazing story is that of Talia Yampel, a 13-year-old girl from Tel Aviv, Israel. Talia had developed a tumor in her thigh. It grew to the size of a walnut, and then rapidly spread like a spider web throughout the entire thigh.

Her physician, Yacov Goshen, M.D., at the Schneider Children's Medical Center in Israel, felt that the only thing he could do was to remove all the diseased tissue, which would have left her leg utterly deformed and useless. Her family had read about BioPulse in Alternative Medicine magazine, however, and decided to fly her to the clinic. Talia was given the full protocol of 35 IHT treatments. And although she felt better, two MRI's given during that time revealed that the tumor had not become even one millimeter smaller. Her walking improved, and her appetite; after the treatments, it didn't seem like she was sick at all, except that the tumor appeared to still be there, intact.

The staff at BioPulse didn't know what else to do, and felt that perhaps they had encountered their first failure with this new procedure. Talia flew back to Israel, and went into the hospital to have the tumor removed surgically. But when her surgeon opened the leg, the tumor looked strange to him. He didn't proceed with the mutilating operation and instead took a biopsy. The results came back: the tumor was no longer malignant, it was completely benign. The treatments at BioPulse hadn't dissolved it, but they had changed its character. "I don't know how to explain this," her physician said, "I've never seen anything like it. Consider it a miracle. But there is no point in removing the tissue, because it is not a threat to the body. Talia can keep her leg."There are, as of now, thirty similar stories at BioPulse, but Loran hastens to add, "The sooner people come to us, the better. Don't wait until you've exhausted your bone marrow and everything else and expect us to send you home cured. At that point, even if we are able to reverse the cancer, the body is so weakened from radiation and chemotherapy that it is vulnerable to infections and other problems that survival is still problematic."

As the doctors and staff at BioPulse are the first to state, thirty-odd cases treated over a four-month period is not conclusive proof that IHT is indeed a cancer cure for the millennium. But while this may not be equivalent to a large-sample study over an extended period of time, the absolutely amazing "anecdotal" results are no less compelling-especially for the three dozen patients who are the living, breathing "anecdotes."



Besides treating patients, BioPulse is developing a program to train physicians in IHT. The BioPulse Rejuvenation Center is located in Tijuana, Mexico. Tel: 888-552-2855 (from U.S.); 801-233-9094 (outside U.S.); international direct: 011-526-686-1880. Fax: 801-233-9089.

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