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shrinking and gaining

Guest inviola

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Guest inviola

well -my mother in law has gained 4 pounds after two rounds of chemo and the lung tumor is shrinking from a large grapefruit size to a small ball in only 3 months. Her onc doc was happy.She looks and feels great and although is tired doing well with very positive attitude. Sounds like she is getting great care at oakhill hospital in Florida from what I have read on this board is recieving the common 5-8 rounds of chemo.She is doing 3 sessions in 3 days every other week? of chemo till september and is on her third treatment round. She takes drugs for her red blood count and nausea.

Thanks for the support-I am new at this and don't mean to be so negative. it is uplifting to hear of all the positive things people share here.


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So very happy to hear that you mom is doing well, and that everything is going in the right direction weight up and tumor down. Perfect!!

I am continuing to pray for more progress and that she continues to tolerate the treatment well.

Just remember to take care of yourself too. This Crud is so hard and scary, and we are here to help you with whatever you need. The beginning is the roughest time, so don't apologize for being negative. It takes time to push past all the fear and grief to find your fighting spirit and positive attitude. That is also one of the things this site is great at, helping people find something positive to hold onto.

Your mom is doing well, and she can kick this things BuTT!!!! Believe IT!!!


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