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Update from Jen on extra chemo to prevent reccurance-CPT-11


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Thought I would give an update. My onco is having me do 6 low doses (weekly) of CPT-11 to help prevent reccurance. I have done 2, doing okay so far.

I met a women named Rebecca who also did the same sclc tx we all did and also did this extra CPT-11 boost, she is 3 years NED.

This protocol is not considered standard, but how could I say no when there is a possibility it could help.

I have done the following:

1 round of cis and VP

4 rounds of carbo and VP w/ 34 chest rads

2 rounds of CPT-11 (4 to go)

Still need to complete PCI w/ Chemo is over-they wont do it simult.

My biggest set back/side effect is a horrible cough and wheeze from chest rad (mediastinum, primary and hilum shot in same portal-hilum node rad causing cough). Its 3 months post rad and I still have it. its been a nightmare. Did'nt have some of the more usual issues like vomiting or esophogus, but this cough has kicked my butt.

Will keep you posted get scanned again in Jan. Hoping NED continues.


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Hi Jen,

Sounds like the CPT-11 is the way to go. I guess I would take anything offered to me if they thought "IT" might not come back. My scans are Jan. 14th - when are yours? Glad you are tolerating the chemo. Sure hope your cough gets better - is there anything they can give you to ease it? Here's hoping that NED continues to reside in your house! Take care.

Love and hugs,

Nancy B

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Hi Jen,

I'm glad things are going well for you, except for the cough.

I know that you have talked about that horrible cough in the past. Have you asked about any of the different medicines others have suggested? There just has to be something to make you more comfortable.

Love and Happy New Year, Jen!


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Jen -- sounds like this can't hurt!

FYI -- my wheeze is acting like it's about to go away. (My chest radiation stopped Sept. 9th, so this is almost 4 months out for me.) The Rad. Onc. recommended a room humidifier for where I sleep -- says the moisture will help regenerate the little "thingies" (highly technical term, dontchano! :P ) up and down the windpipe that help keep the airway clean. I had minor esophagitis that lasted only a week or two - the wheeze has been the thing to last the longest, and with any luck, won't be around much longer.

Keep us posted!


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