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No to Mexico!


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Just updating everyone on our decision NOT to do the electromagnetic field treatment in Mexico at this time. The only reason it was even a thought is because surely there is a cure for this and the pharmaceutical companies just don't want it in the states because they would lose to much money. After coming to our senses and coping with our emotions and realizing that there is hope here we have started treatment and will not pursue anything with Mexico unless we are told not good news

Thankyou everyone for being patient with my questions and sometimes insanity (I feel like)

Also is it okay to vomit once and have diarrhea while just finishing chemo treatments and still ongoing radiation? Very mild just two episodes of vomiting and only one of diarrhea.


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Very very normal and would almost be expected. The dr can certainly give your mom meds to combat this also. Wonderful new drugs out there for this and pretty much all side effects.

Keep the questions coming if you have them, thats the purpose of this site.

God Bless


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