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Reporting in from the frozen tundra


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Hi All,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Made it to ND in one piece on the 20th. When I stepped off the plane it was MINUS 14 below zero. I think I told the flight attendant that I had made a mistake and wanted to get back on the plane!! Pops had a little scare with his heart. I got a call from the ER the beginning of this week. My dad "apparently" was having a major heart attack. It ended up being nothing {after angiogram etc) but they kept him in for 2 days. I am enjoying the peace and quiet out here and am floored that in this part of the country one can buy a nice home for under $400,000 dollars. In fact houses are down right cheap. You are getting a really enormous house for under $200,000. Well I'm heading to Canada tomorrow. Leaving most of my money at home so I don't get tempted to immigrate!! Been thinking of you all.


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A long time ago, before I was married the first time, my ex-father-in-law had a "massive heart attack". He couldn't be stabilized for some time at the Podunk Emergency Room and when he finally was, he was air lifted to Ann Arbor. His massive heart attack? A gall bladder attack.

Having experienced a gall bladder attack last year before having mine removed, oh yeah, it hurts THAT much. Symptoms seem the same as those of a heart attack, maybe he could have his PCP send him for an ultrasound of the gall bladder (to look for stones) and a gall bladder function test (to see if it's working). I didn't have gallstones, but the darn thing wasn't working!

As for the frozen tundra...make sure you wrap your mouth with a scarf, wear a hat and two pairs of gloves. One thin pair underneath that function as "contact gloves" and a big warm pair (or warm mittens) over the top. That way, when you reach for your keys and remove the bigger, warmer glove, you will NOT contact metal with your bare hand and risk frostnip/bite. Stay warm, be safe.

....and believe me, after three winters in Fairbanks, Alaska, -14 ain't NOTHIN'! LOL :shock:

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