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If you received the e-mail from Katie on volunteer opportunities, you know that one of the items on the list was a calling circle. This would take what a lot of us do informally (sharing phone numbers) and make a list of numbers to be kept in case we need to check on someone. No one would call for any other reason.

For a long time now I have been the unofficial keeper of numbers for individuals that wanted to share. You get nothing except my number in return (no pizza deliveries please :shock: ). We do this so that if something happens we can call and check and make sure everything is ok.

But if this takes off, I need a couple of people to help. If you have a good calling plan and think you would like to be available to check on someone let me know. Before you write and volunteer consider it carefully as it is not easy to make these calls. It can at times be absolutely heartbreaking. If you would like to help send me a PM.

If you would like to share your number please PM it to me. Even if I already have your number, please send it again. If you do not wish to put your number on the list, please share it with someone else on the board. We get scared when people disappear (hence the Request a Hall Pass forum).

Any questions, feel free to ask below.

Thanks ~


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I had given you my number last year. Did you want us to resend our numbers to you, or will last years carry over?

I think this is a wonderful idea, and I hope many of our members will join in. To often we sit here and wonder how someone is, if they don't post to the board. It's just a nice way to keep in touch and let others know we're doing fine.

Thank you Ry.

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reason #1,265 not to post late at night after a very long, hard work day: you might end up with your phone ##'s on the internet. :oops: I thought I was PM'ing. thanks for fixing it.

now if I could only do something about those pictures from college...

heh. just kidding.

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