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Pet Scan results will be in Monday Jan. 3


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Hi Friends,

Well, I am sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear results of a PET scan I had on Thursday. I have been experiencing increased pain below the left shoulder blades close to the lobectomy incision. My fear it that the beast has gone into the ribcage. It sure feels that way. It's been a year since I was diagnosed stage 4 and have had no PET scans or MRI's since. I have had CT scans which can only show so much.

I will let you know what the doc. says. In the meantime, I continue to thank you for your prayers. May 2005 be a healthier one for ALL of us.



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You are definitely in my thoughts and receiving all kinds of positive energy from my little corner of the world to yours.

Just a note about the pain by the incision site - it truly could be more pain/nerve healing from the darn surgery. I'm approaching two years out from surgery and STILL have pains, numb spots, itchy spots...keeps me humble, I guess. :wink:

Anyway, my thoughts are with you, keep on keepin' on!



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