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Brain Mets TX - Not as terrible as we assume


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Two weeks ago we were devastated to find that my Mom had a brain mets - originally they estimated it's size to be 7 cm, but turns out that it was 3 cm with inflammation.

Mom underwent Radiotactic Surgery at City of Hope last week. I went home to be with her and was amazed at the treatment. Very little discomfort - only annoying aspect was the placement of 2 small screws in the skull to position the head during the actual treatment. Next day, a radiation treatment that the Neurosurgeon said was completely successful, no side effects, and expectation of "long survival". Unbelievable! :D

In fact, Mom says that she feels better than she has in about a year. All symptoms gone. I took her shopping right after (at her request).

Just a note to tell everyone that a diagnosis of brain mets is not always a death sentence. In fact, Mom and I commented that we wished that the original lung tumor could be treated as easily and effectively as the brain mets was.

Here's to a bright outlook and many blessings in 2005 !

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I agree - it's amazing what technology can do today. And imagine in 20 years, 30, 50. Wow!

A while back, I read an article where they have these little plastic disks that hold chemo. They are implanted next to tumors in the brain, and the disk delivers chemotherapy right to the tumor so that it gets to it in enough quantity to treat it, and it is localized to that one spot. Amazing.

There are things, I'm sure, on the designing tables as we are typing here that will continue to amaze us as they become more and more common.

And aren't we fortunate to be able to take advantage of them.


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Dear KerryToo,

Congratulations on your mom's wonderful news! This is great news, and there are many people that have had Brain Mets and had them (zapped) and they are doing just fine and are long time survivors. I will hope the same goes for you mom.

Best wishes to you and mom.

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That is wonderful news and thank you for sharing it. I am very happy for you. My Mum is currently undergoing radiotherapy for brain mets, and reading your post made me feel better about it all. Hope things continue to look up for you and your Mum.



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My Mom continues to do great. They have reduced her steroid medication and now she's slowing down a bit - back to a regular pace. She was running like a deer in the woods there for awhile! They have given her a "hall pass" until late March when they will do an x-ray and cat scan to see what's happening. She is our Good News story.

As for my FIL - He has NSCLC but we still don't know his stage but my guess is that it is stage 4. He had malignant plerual effusion, lymph node involvement in multiple sites, and amazingly enough - his primary tumor is tiny. He is very private and doesn't ask the questions that we would from his doctors, so we don't know details. He is on oxygen 24/7, unable to lay down, is extremely weak, losing weight and in alot of pain. I don't think he has very long to live to be honest. Partly his health, mostly his broken and very lonely life since his wife died last year. We are all he has left. We try to make his time as upbeat as possible and are there for him 500%. It's difficult and very sad.

Thank you for caring :)

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