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I posted a similar question in the "Ask the Experts" Forum.

The reports are showing the cancer is probably progressing so I will need a change in treatment. I'm thinking this is a good time to explore all of my options.

I'm curious about your experiences (positive or negative) at any of the major (or maybe not so major) cancer centers across the country and if there are ones you would particularly recommend for getting a second opinion.

Thanks for your help

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I think it's hard to name one center....experiences differ. But, having said that, MD Anderson (Texas) did not earn the nickname "Cancer Mecca" for nothing. University of Wisconsin is where one of the long-term survivors goes; Dr. Joan Schiller is a huge lung cancer advocate and perhaps one of the best lung cancer oncs in the country.

Many others on this board have been treated by wonderful docs at great places that I don't remember now. Remember that travel can get difficult when you are in the midst of treatment and soon after, so you may wish to find a university medical center, esp. one affiliated with the National Cancer Institute, near your home and/or family.

Exploring your options is always a good thing. Please consider a clinical trial.

And best wishes to you. - Teresa

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Thanks everyone for your suggestions and links to resources.

I don't mind traveling to another area if that's what I need to do.

I haven't made any decisions yet. I thought I'd wait to hear what my onc has to say when I meet with him on Thursday.

Thanks again for all of your support.

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