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Anyone Trying Flax Oil/Cottage Cheese or Hydrazine Sulfate??


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Hydrazine sulfate is said to be safe and can be taken by anyone with any kind of cancer. It helps cancer patients to increase their appetite, energy levels, weight gain and may help shrink tumors.


http://www.alternative-doctor.com/cance ... nesulp.htm




http://www.heall.com/medicalfreedom/hyd ... hate2.html



to order: (60mg)


Here's some info on the flaxseed oil-cottage cheese that apparently cures lots of people of cancer. http://www.beckwithfamily.com/Flax1.html

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I do not follow the pure Budwig protocol but do eat cottage cheese and take flax seed oil every day. It makes sense to me to do all of the easy things I can to prevent growth of the cancer. Here is a link to the Budwig protocol. The cottage cheese and flax seed itself, is harmless if nothing else.

http://home.online.no/~dusan/diseases/c ... udwig.html

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I've been having flax oil and cottage cheese smothies since shortly after my surgery. I use a variety of different fruits and add powdered protein. I figure it may not be the cancer cure-all that some people proclaim, but even mainstream medicine has been promoting the benefits of Omega 3 fats, and Flax Oil and Flax seed is the best plant source for Omega 3 fats. I mix the cottage cheese and oil then add a little milk or arange juice, some type of berries a banna and a scoop of protein powder. That and piece of sprouted wheat toast is my typical breakfast.

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Mum has been using flaxseed oil and cottage cheese for over a year. As Lisa said, it can't harm, and it may well help, so why not?

I don't think she has tried the hydrazine sulphate - can only fit so many pills and supplements into one day!!!

Wishing you well.


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I have been taking Flaxseed Oil for almost a year now. However, I do not put it in cottage cheese as I do not like cottage cheese, I mix 3 tablespoons in yogurt. I cannot taste the flaxseed oil and the yogurt I use is pretty tasty. Won't hurt to try it!


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