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Happy New Year my dear friends and update


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I pray this year brings us lots of advances in treatment and prevention!

Bob is not well. He is in his recliner or sleeping 24/7.

His wife Jo and I were talking this morning about the fact that

he is not going out at all. I think the last time we got him to go out

of the house is in the end of October.

He is on Ox. but has a portable. His pain index is better in his L4-5

since the 3 weeks of radiation which completed right before Christmas,

but still is up and down some. He is still on duragesic 100mg. patche

and motrin 600mg.

He is wanting to stop the Lupron shots for the prostate cancer because

of the side effects but the doc won't agree.

There was a met to a bone in the pelvic area on his PET scan as well

as the L4-5 ones.

That has not been radiated as of yet, because there was no pain there.

He sees the onc and the rad. onc on Tuesday and he is having lots

of pain in the pelvic area now, and down his legs. He is convinced it

is due to a pinched nerve, but his wife and I are very concerned.

I know that most of you do not stay in your recliners for months on end, and we don't know whether to push him to go out or be more active.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Jo will be speaking with the oncs. on Tues. about the inactivity also.

Sometimes it is so hard to know what to do.

Love and prayers for all


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Happy New Year to you, too, Nell. It seems amazing to me that when I've been thinking about someone, all of a sudden they will post. I was thinking about you earlier today.

I'm sorry to hear that Bob isn't doing well. I don't know what to say about getting him out. That's a tough question for us since we aren't there and don't know how we would react or exactly what he is capable of doing.

I think it's a good plan to talk to the onc about it. Too much activity could make his pain worse, but no activity could cause a too-fast decline overall. Again, it's a tough question since we're on the outside looking in.

Please keep us posted on how he's doing, and you, too.



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I am sorry Bob isn't doing very well. As for getting him out of the house, that is a hard call. The doc will know better than I. Let us hear from you. Pain and depression are two reasons he is staying in, so he needs to find out if anything can be done about both of those areas. Glad to see you post.


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Hi Nell

I was really glad to see an update on Bob. I am sorry to hear he is not doing so swell. As far as not wanting to get out, I can tell you that my mom after the chemo and radiation were all said and done, thats exactly what she did. I concerned me very much as she would only get out of the house for dr appts. she never got dressed and like bob either stayed in bed or the recliner(luckily we got her a brand new comfy one when she was dx). Today though 2 1/2 months later she is doing much better, getting out some, and doing more around the house, etc. I think after all Bob has been thru it may just take time to get his body anywhere back to normal. I will pray that he starts feeling better and that the docs can relieve his new pain in the pelvic area.

In my thoughts and prayers


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Happy 2005.

Sorry about Bob, for him at the present time going out

for him is mostly for medical appointment, Tuesday

could be time for questionning the onc and the rad. about it,

they may have ideas to make him feel better about going out.

Thank you for the update.


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