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2000 for Fay

Don Wood

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Our beloved Fay A. has made her 2000th post today. She has been with us since May, 2003, and has given so much ongoing support to so many here. Fay, you are a true gem, a diamond, and we are so fortunate you have come into our lives. May you have many, many good years ahead.

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Like Snowflake said here, too.

And Snowflake, I can actually read that teeny tiny print - cork would have been better than crok!!! If you said, Fay, you cork, she would have said, huh???? But, if you had said Fay, you crok, she would have mailed you live chickens! LOL!




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Wow....it's a good thing I know me as well as I do, because I might not have recognized me after everything you folks had to say! :wink:

Thank you....I can't remember having ever been admired for the cyber equivalent of "...talking too much...". :)

Thank you...You've made me smile.

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