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cindi o'h

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Oh my gosh, you guys!!

I just worked a whole day!!

This is the first I have worked in two years.

I just filled in for someone and I worked hard. And it was hard!! But, I did it and I made it the whole day and I did a good job, and I prayed this morning that I wouldn't swear and I made it with His help!!

Just think... I may just be able to get my

"crummy old life back"...now that is a dream.

If I can work a little here and there, then maybe I can get my strength and muscles back working again...who knows?

Now, I can hardly wait for the paycheck...

Oh happy happy me...!!

Cindi o'h

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Wow, Cindi! This means you aren't a slacker any more? (KIDDING!!!) :roll:

Would that be "work" as in "work," or as in the Maynard G. Krebbs version -- "WERK???" (Or maybe you're not old enough to even remember that!!!!)


It's a great feeling to do something "normal," huh. Hopefully, we'll all get back to some kind of normal sooner or later. It sounds like such a little thing, but I know it is monumental to you -- and then some.

Way to go!!


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I dont get jealous often, but this one ...... :D

Nah, I am happy as heck about this and about lots of other things that seem to be heading in the right direction for you.

It is your year, I think.

I am so excited for you and hope you continue to work your buns off.

Literally and figureatively. I got a lot of bun to work off, so that is mostly why I am jealous.

But like I have told you before-- I loved to work. I didn't much care about the paycheck. I did things I would gladly do for free. I was lucky that way and so are you.


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