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All of this can be setup in your profile..

Click on profile at the top and in the signature spot, put in all your information. Just try and remember all that you can and put it in there .. info like diagnosis, when diagnosed, treatments along the way and anything else you would like to add. The space allows for a lot of entry.

For the picture, you can also add this in your profile.. any picture you have 300 x 300 or less in size and be uploaded in the profile area..


Feel free to send the picture to me and I can do it for you..

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Put in what you can remember. Dates can be months and years.

If you cannot figure how to put the avatar in, email the picture to Rick and ask for help. To email him, open his profile (or click on his name somewhere he has posted) and push the "email" radio button under HIS avatar.

You can also put a quote into your signature line that you feel strongly about...or change the quote often to reflect how you are feeling at that particular time.

No real hard and fast rules...read some of the others to get ideas.


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Hi Tree,

As far as the Avatar, e-mail Rick, he can help. He helped me with my picture. Your signature is added in the area of your profile. Down at the bottom. It's up to you about putting in the dates. Dx date is good. Don't worry about the other dates. Hope this helps, If you have problems with signature, Rick can help with that too.



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