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Sort of an Update on Dave

Remembering Dave

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Hey, this is Karen. Dave had his very last chemo treatment yesterday (knock on wood). While there the doc said he'd see him to go over recent scan results, etc., so Dave called and I ran out there, actually got to sit and watch the last little bit of poison drip through his veins, ugh.

anyway, the Onc. said he's not so sure the tumor is completely gone, he thinks there is still one little tiny bit of tumor left and wants us to look into gamma knife to zap that last little bit. he also said it COULD be a piece of scar tissue, but he doesn't want to assume that it is. So Friday we go to see the radiation oncologist about it, he won't do it himself, but some of his colleagues at Massey Cancer Center here in Richmond would.

Dave is really beat up by all this treatment. He's just gone through six whole months of chemo and radiation, pericardial fluid surgery, etc. etc. He still has the brain swelling which is probably caused by the radiation but also might be some caused by the little bit of tumor pushing into his brain. He said his entire body hurts BAD and his head hurts REALLY bad. He decided to go on and take the decadron for the brain swelling despite the fact he goes totally psycho on it. We will just both have to be aware of his psycho episodes and deal with them accordingly. Frankly, I am ready for him to take it, he can't be much worse than he is now.

Anyway, I was just reading Karen's post about why people don't post much. I do go in waves. Some of it is practical. I was REALLY sick and out of work from Dec. 22 until yesterday, and our computer at home is messed up and doesn't allow us to stayed logged into the internet very long at a time, so I just haven't had the chance to go online much lately. Plus, the laptop is plugged into the wall next to Dave's recliner, and he is in the recliner just about constantly, usually with laptop in lap and Tivo remote in hand. so I don't get much chance to watch my own programs or get on the internet, which is OK. These are the only two things Dave is able to do.

I notice there's been some more conflict on the board, looks like some more bullying has been going on. I hate to see this and worry about Dr. Joe, I have worried before that he was so devoted to us he might get burned out. He is so compassionate and honest, so I hope we see him again.

Well, gotta get to work I suppose, just wanted to give yet another Chapman Acres update.

Oh, if anyone would like to buy a nice riverfront cottage in Central Virginia, we've got one for sale!

God Bless,

Karen C.

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Thanks for the update, Karen.

I am thrilled about how you have bounced back and are handling things. You are an amazing critter!

I am glad that David can do a couple of things. I know that he was acting like superman and telling those docs to bring on the poison. I did the same thing myself and I ended up like David, only on the couch! I could've just just washed my mouth out with soap for challenging those doctors to "give me more". But, look what happened. I am still around to gripe about it! And gripe, I do.

My house is for sale too...maybe we can trade? You got any fish in that river?

Cindi o'h

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Tons of fish! It's a fishing river! As a matter of fact, it's supposed to be one of the most pristine (clean) rivers on the east coast. So the fish are good for eating!

Yeah, Dave has been really strong through all of this. Last week, about once a day, he'd say he didn't want to do the last chemo treatment, and I said, hey, you are NOT a quitter! You've never been a quitter! You can do it! Not sure it makes a difference, but who knows?

And I admire YOU for going to the end, Cindi - you rock!


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Thanks for the update. I was about to e-mail you to see how you were doing. I am glad that you are able to go back to work!

I hope now that chemo is over, Dave will bounce back and that the gamma knife can be done quickly just to get it all over with so he can heal.

Please write on Fri after the apt to let us know how it went.

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Glad to hear a Chapman Acres update. Karen, I'm glad that you're back on your feet and over the yucky bug. I'm glad Dave's about over the worst of it (I know what you mean about the steroids).

I hope Faith had a good Christmas, and let you both rest up.

I hope you can get the real estate stuff taken care of with relative ease ( as if anything about moving were easy), and find what you need to find.


Prayers, always,


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I bet you just feel like crashing in a big cushy chair with a sigh of relief that it's over for now.

I sure wish Dave was feeling better, though. I know he pushed really hard and was determined to get through this, so we'll all just have to be patient and wait for him to get his strength back. Poor guy!

Glad you're feeling better.

P.S. You can buy ear plugs real cheap at any pharmacy. LOL!



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Poor Dave, he's been such a trooper through this. Whenever I talk to him he's Mr. Positive! Sorry he's in so much pain, I can relate to the all body pain, from hair (if you have it) to toe.

Hang in there Dave, not much longer. I'll say it again.....your a better man then me!

Hang in there and call if you wanna talk! We need to get together when you feel up to it!

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Its good to hear from you and thanks for letting us know how you guys are doing. It sounds like your almost there! I'm praying that the doctor will be able to help Dave be free of pain too.

Wishing you and Dave the best and hoping all goes well on Friday.


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