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A little update for the New Year


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I have been pretty reluctant to write this, because I myself am not really sure what is going on.

Just before the LC walk Fred began again having trouble with his voice, then shortly after that you could see the nodules on the thyroid just seem to grow, and grow, out of nowhere they became very large. Well he had low dose cisplatin (makes the tumor radiation sensitive) and 30 rnds of radiation. Worked like a charm everything in the neck are is gone.

During the weeks following Thanksgiving he began having some back pain. I attributed it to him moving my dryer out and bringing a new one in, by his self.

Well his Onc wanted to further investigate the pain and check everthing so he ordered a PET, now I knew something would probablly show but felt it would be a disk.

The Dr feels it has gone to his spine T 12 and paraortic nodes were all highly metabolic, also the liver and midiastinum. I just wonder if he herniated the disk if that would light up and also the other areas are areas he has had it in for 16 months now.

The PET was compared to the last PET from last April, and we have had numerous CT scans the latest being Sept that I feel they should have compared it to.

So now he is on more aggressive Chemo, Cisplatin and Campostar to see if this takes care of it. This is the 5th time with Chemo I don't think since he has been diagnosed he has had a break for more than 1 month.

After 2 Cycles he is going to do a CT scan and I feel it will tell us more what really is going on, I am praying that the PET just picked up where he was injured. I know I have seen it somewher that PETS can pick up other things besides cancer.

His back hurts so badly when he stands, even the oxycotin they gave is not cutting all the pain.


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Gosh, Rosemary, I don't know if I should say this or not because I'm not very knowledgeable about most of this stuff, but why aren't they giving him radiation for the back instead of chemo? Is it too close to something that might be severely damaged by radiation?

Maybe they don't do radiation for SCLC? Heck, I shouldn't even be responding to your post because I know so little about it. I only know that when my hubby had a big met in his shoulder that caused severe pain, the radiation completely got rid of it. He does have NSCLC, and the shoulder they could give high dose radiation because it wasn't near any vital organs, so maybe that's why.

If they can't do radiation, then I will pray with all my might that the chemo gets the job done!



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I also was wondering why the Onc hasn't recomended that, I thought that would be first thing, maybe because of the lymph nodes in the back, or because we haven't had the CT scan only the PET or maybe because he just finished up with 30 rad treatments to the thyroid two weeks ago, dunno. We do have a follow up with her (the radiation onc) the end of Jan. I know he has had no pain releif at all from the chemo.


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Hi Rosemary,

I don't think I would wait until the end of Jan. if Fred is not getting relief from pain. I would call the dr. pronto and DEMAND (nicely, of course) to review what can be done NOW.

P.S. I now own a small part of the Borgata. Will not be going again soon. Would rather spend that money at the mall.

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