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Couple left for hosp. in car/arrive in ambulance:film @ 11


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I can see the headlines now, fortunatly there were no injuries sustained. Oh, that couple are my parents...Dad saw the thorac-whatever surgeon and the surgeon told my parents that he only had 1 more patient scheduled for the day, so why don't they meet him at Southside hospital-go to the emergency room and he'll be there in an hour.

On the way, they were only about a mile from the hospital, their car (mom was driving) was stopped at a red light, and they get rear ended by this guy that was NOT paying attention. Dad was FURIOUS, Mom was FURIOUS, and they were both a nervous wreck!! They told the police officer that they were on their way to the hospital so my dad could have a surgical procedure to empty fluid from his lung, and the cop called an ambulance, Dad took the ambulance and Mom drove the car (just a dent in the rear bumper/but they OTHER GUYS CAR-what a mess-oh well, too bad so sad for him...no one was injured and thats the important thing.)

So, they made it to the hospital-shaken up-but ok. They don't seem to be having any pain from the jolt, and are keeping an eye on it.

Dad had the tube inserted into his Left lung, and SO MUCH fluid came out-the doctor said they filled up this container thing that measured it 2 times within an hour. Dad was in some pain at first, and started coughing, which the Doc said is a good thing, so the lung will reexpand. I told Dad to put a pillow on his stomach for when he coughs, to help with the pain, but he said no, he thinks it will interfere with the coughing and re-expantion process. I can't convince him otherwise-he is determined not to undermine his own progress!

Now its one of those "wait and see" things-nothing new. In 2 weeks they'll know if his lungs will fill with fluid again or not. They are supposed to put some type of medication in there to help prevent that-I don't know the name-didn't get to talk to the doc. again. Has anyone heard of this, or had any experience with any of this?

On a lighter note, when the ER doc was examining my dad, he looked at his back and said "have you always had this hump?" (real tactful)-Dad has severe scoliosis (great posture, though) and his spine is shaped like a question mark-so he has a 'hump' on it, not quasimoto big, but its there...anyway, I went " :shock: Oh my God, hump? he didn't have a hump before the car accident" and the doctor was like "huh?" and then my Sister, Mom Dad and I had a good laugh.. Then the doctor said -looking at dads chart- "SO, medically, other than the cancer, high blood pressure and collapsed lung, are there any other heath problems, or is that all?" :shock: and my sister goes "isn't that enough?" and we all laughed again...

So, thats that folks...Dad said to me last night while I was with him at the hospital (he'll be there for at least a few days), "If they clear this up, I can go to Disney World with you guys...I gotta tell you, I'm really excited about it. Especially going with the kids." I wanted to cry. You see, when I was 10 my parents had saved and saved so that we could go to Disney World, we drove there and it was a great trip. We were supposed to leave at 8:00am, but my DAD was SOOOOOO excited, that he couldn't sleep, so he woke us all up at 2:00am and said, " lets go guys, I'm too excited to sleep, you could all sleep in the car" and we did, by 3am, we were on the road. Its a GREAT MEMORY, one of my best...that whole trip, and how excited and proud my Dad was that he could bring us to the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!!!!

Rob, my husband, wanted to move the trip (set for the end of Oct) up, if my dad is feeling better, he really wants us all to be able to go. But I told him we should wait and see, because Dad is supposed to start chemo again, depending on how things go.

I hope we could all go...Its my only wish, right now. For my Mom and Dad and Rob and me and Gwyneth and Julia to go to the happiest place on Earth, together.

Well, thats all for now, folks. I'll keep you all posted, and thank you again for all of your prayers and support...it really helps. Take care, Deb

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Deb, I'm glad no one was injured in the car accident. I think Karmon know about that talc that they use to seal the lung after they inflate it, it seems his mother had it done. I don't know why they have to give these doctors these title we 'normal' (whatever that is) can't spell. My wife whos is a critical care nurse tells me about things then I ask her to tell me in normal language.

Anyways hope things go well with your dad and he can make it to the Happiest place on earth.

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That story about the accident, how lucky or unlucky is that :twisted: I think and really believe that your dad will make it to Disneyworld with you. Your story was so sweet. Gosh, a dad that is more excited than the kids. How wonderful. I pray he goes with running shoes on and takes off. I pray for continued success in everything. Keep the faith.

Rana :wink:

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So glad no one was hurt in the accident and it sounds like things went well at the hospital. Your sense of humor always slays me. Praying like crazy that the lung re-expands and that the great memory will repeat itself for your family again.

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Somehow the story about your parents getting rear-ended doesn't surprise me. Think I mentioned to you once that I'm from the west coast of Canada and I've come to N.Y. to help my Dad out while he undergoes chemo... I grew up on L.I. and have visited many times since but I'm always a little bit nervous when it comes to once again driving here. Have trouble with the fact that usually one or two people go through red lights after it has changed, can't stand all the horn honking (people driving have no patience....). After I get home from a stay on L.I. with my newly acquired driving aggression, my kids often remind me to get back to my old driving habits -- from the mouths of babes...My sister was also rear-ended by a UPS truck a couple of years ago when she was standing still and so forth. So I read your post shortly before I was heading out on the parkways to Manhasset. Glad to report a safe trip though. Very glad to hear that no one was hurt in your parents accident too.

Hoping your Dad makes it to Disney World with your family. Your memories of the time in your childhood at DisneyWorld sound wonderful. Sounds like your Dad is determined to make it there too and that counts for a lot.

Gail P-M

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Deb, glad no one was inuured and things went okay. I'm with your husband -- go to DisneyWorld as soon as your dad is able. None of us knows how much time we have. That trip is too important to be "down the road". All of you would enjoy it so as a family. Blessings. Don

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The procedure is pleurodecis where they insert a chest tube and infuse the lung with talc. The talc acts as an irritant to the linings of the lung and creates scarring so that the 2 stick together closing the space (pleural space) so that the fluid cannot build up again.

My husband had his done in January and it was 80% successful..a small portion of his lung did not re-expand, but after 4 chemo treatments the lung has re-expanded and the remaining fluid is gone. Best thing is is that there is no more fluid being created, so his Onc feels he has gotten quite a bit of shrinkage of the tumor.

The chest tube was VERY uncomfortable, but they were good about watching his pain levels. He ended up coming home with the chest tube in (for 10 days), but now he has no trouble breathing at all (compared to only being able to walk 10 steps without getting out of breath)....

Good luck to your dad..you are all in our prayers !


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