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Aftermath of treatment (esophagus)


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When they told me what chemo would be like and then told me what radiation would be like, I thought....radiation will be easy....it's chemo I need to worry about. Yeah right. Radiation is what's causing all my troubles now.

Racing heart, lymph node problems, esophagus problems, scars from radiation burns. No one told me about the aftermath of treatment and what it would be like.

I know I'm not like most people and if there is a side affect or anything else....I will get it. Maybe that makes me special, maybe bacause of this I will be cured. Maybe it's a rite of passage or dues that must be paid. I used to say I was a bad person but wasn't bad enough to deserve this. Maybe it's like the doctor's said, I'm young and healthy, so because of my age and health it's knocking me on my butt a little harder to show me who's boss.

I just wonder when it will all slow down and give me a breather! Just a few weeks to take a break! No pain, no sleeplessness, able to eat, no pain (oh did I say that twice).

Yesterday I had my esophagus dialated, it had shrunk back down to where it was when I first started having problems. It was diolated to 45% with instructions to me that I would probably have to have this done every 4 weeks in hopes that it would hold. We don't know...but we may have to do this every few months for a very long time.

Don't get me wrong, it's not the worst thing I could have done. It's a pain in the *ss being put to sleep and having something stuck down your throat (which already hurts) and going through this repeatedly. I guess it's just one more present that I have been given from the cancer fairy.

Has anyone or is anyone else going through this esophagus problem like me? Am I all alone in this? Wish there was a book with every single thing that could happen to you during treatment and an explanation!

Guess it's back to soft foods tonight, not the steak that I had planned!

Thanks for listening! Till the next time that the "probe" and I meet again, here's to February, the next procredure, and big dreams of steaks in my future. Oh I long for the days when I swallow and the food just slides down to my stomach without stopping and waiting for a kick!

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Sorry you are having such a hard time with the side effects :( My mom did not have to have the procedure you did, but for the pain, liquid vicadin helped her.

Hang in there, you are almost done! THe finish line is near

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I have only had radiation to the head, so I can't do much for you except tell you that I hope you improve with each day and can go on w/your life!

You have really had a rough time and it's time that you were on the mend for a good long time. Sending my prayers for that......


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When Lucie went through her initial radiation treatment, which included the pupper spine, she had many problems with her throat during and sometime after the radiation. The esophagus was in line with the radiation on her spine and got zapped. We did a lot of liquids for a while. She is fine now. Sorry y9u have this problem, too. Hopefully, it will get better with time. Don

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Well, with my mom, we tried everything that everyone suggested and it just took time. She was so hungry for the longest time. She tried to eat foods that were not too hot, not too cold. She is on steroids now and is eating like a horse. I will pray for you that this subsides sooner rather than later and you can enjoy that steak dinner you so deserve.

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Beth, mine just wasn't that bad. The Oncologist kept offering to send me to a GI doc to have my esophagus tubed and stretched too, but I said "no thanks." Ick. I had only a week, and really not an entire week, where it was what I'd call "bad," and then began to get better and better. I had some indigestion with it which was a totally new thing to me, but managed that with the Mylanta.

Popsicles, and lots of them are what got me through that.

Right after I finished chest radiation, my mother was here, and we all went to brunch to celebrate my end of treatment milestone. My sister ordered mimosas for us all, and when I took a sip for the toast, I almost shot through the front door! Zowie! The champagne was more than I could take so soon after! I'd been gradually improving, but just wasn't quite ready for that!

I hope this gets better for you -- really. And soon. You're right -- you DO deserve a break.


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Hi Justa.

I had some pretty bad 3rd degree radiation burns. I had to save some time after my daily radiation treatment to get wound care from the most gentle aide from Thailand. She spritzed me with sterile water, cleaned the wounds, salve, ointment, dressings and bandages.

My poor esophagus had the dickens burned out of it too. You know those water birds in the crane family with the long legs and long necks? When they eat a fish, they don't chew it and you can see the outline of the fish go down whole. Well. When I swallowed a tiny bite of something, it felt like I was swallowing a big, dry, sharp brick, the same way that crane swallows a big, spiney fish. Ouch!

Fortunately for me, mine healed up. Killed all the cancer in the lymph nodes too! HA! So, I guess it was worth it. Just finished off some corn chips and chili!!!! (Just thought I would tell you that) I wouldn't have dared to eat either one during or after treatment. But it does get better with time. This is a test of your patience, I am sure.

All of my best,

cindi o'h

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Hi Beth

You never give up do ya? Poor girl, I just know the reward for going thru all this will be great. Your attitude speaks volumes, don't lose that.

Mom had her esophogus stretched also, and the dr said that within 4-6 weeks she would know if she needed to have it done again, but not to wait too long as its harder to do or something. But he never indicated that it could be a long term treatment. Well I guess that the drs just being able to fix the probelm is a good thing, better than "live with it".

Take care and keep us posted its always a joy to hear from you, you can always put a smile on my face.



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Hi Beth,

I am also having esophagus problems and they want to dialate and I

have been side stepping it. Probably because I'm just so sick of all of this. You are absolutely correct about radiation. I thought it was worst

than chemo. It's been 14 months since my radiation. Pain pills are the

only relief I have, and I'm sooo sick of taking them and trying to get off them. I'm down to a couple a day but it's way hard to go to work w/o

them. So your not alone. Will keep you in my prayers. Take care!!

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