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Cindy RN

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Cindy -- another YAY to you on the NED!!

I used to have migraines a hundred years ago, and took Percodan or Percogesic for them. I have no idea what they prescribe for them now, but I had one in April -- before my cancer diagnosis in early June. I took Ibuprofin for that since I couldn't get my hands on anything else, and I was surprised that it worked as well as it did.

It didn't knock me or the headache out like the heavier drugs did, but it sure did help. I took 3 to start, then waited about 5 hours and took 3 more, and that did the trick.

(Realize though that I have a fairly high threshhold for pain, so me taking 3 Ibuprofin is like someone else taking a strong narcotic!)


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Ooooh.....happy feet are flyin' here, under the computer table in a sitdown dance!! What GREAT news, Cindy. I'm so happy. You're a major sclc inspiration around here, you know....so you just keep hanging out with NED.

Hey...getting news like this, all by itself, ought to help the headaches...eh? :wink:

Hope you find a med that works. Happy feet still dancing! :D

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I have suffered with migraines since a child. Most of the time excedrin for migraines will work. If it is real bad then I try to sleep it off. Putting a cold towel over the eyes helps some. Congratulations with NED :wink: and good luck with the headaches I know how painful they can be. Haylee

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Cindy, it is so good to hear that you are still NED! That is great! I watch you and hope I will do as well. You are a Survivor and make me feel better about having this stupid disease! Keep up the good work!

About the migraines: I had them, too, for a period of time. I learned that there were certain foods that triggered them and didn't eat those. They are Wine, chocolate, aged cheese and cold cuts. There are other things, but I must find my list! Tension will do it too!

My Primary Dr. gave me a Rx for Butalbital/APAP/Caff. He gave me a few, about 10 a year! This is a controlled substance and contains aspirin and caffeine. 10 a year were enough as long as I avoided those foods. The worse headache came from a cheese dip containing Brie!

Will keep you in my prayers! Love, Marge

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So happy to hear you only have to deal with MIRGRAINES!!! Hip Hip HooRay!!!

I just saw something on TV about Ice chips and Mirgraines! You put them in your mouth between your lip and gums. They claim it will be FDA approved within the next year. (some device) but Ice chips will do the trick as well.

I had them for about 4 years, they came on like gang busters, and they left the same way. Hope that happens for you. They have Med's you can get from your doc, but I'm sure you knew that?!




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