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Cindy RN

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Well the results are in!!

I have a brain that is empty!!! Just think a few years ago you would want to hit someone for saying that!!

The nurse (she calls herself that) called and said they were neg. I did ask about a good migraine med and she said Excedrin migrain?? I had to call the radiology dept to make them fax a copy to the Dr off. THEN I called nurse Ratchett and told her it was being faxed right now. She then called a few min later. Sometimes you have to just take things into your own hands.

Someday they will be the ones waiting for life threatening test results and they will get put on the back burner. My Dr has always been so good about this I can't believe he knew how long I had to wait.

Oh well, I now need some ideas for migraines, never had them before now. I do have some compazine for the nausea-any suggestions??

Also thanks for those who were praying. God Is SOOOOOO Good and listens to our prayers.

Love ya Cindy

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Cindy what great news----I know when you have had cancer, with every little ache and pain, you are sure that it has come back---

You must be so relieved--I never really had migraines, so I can't help you there


-I didn't want to ask you before when you were so worried, but now that you are NED, can I have your adorable, adorable dog?

best wishes and enjoy the weekend!

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Excedrin migraine works for me...

If I can catch the migraine before it really starts to hammer, I can make it through the day... if not, the ONLY way to get relief is:

Go home. Take the Excedrin Migraine with a Coke (caffeine gets the drug moving faster, it's an ingredient, as well). Go potty. Put on your comfiest, least binding jammies. Close the bedroom curtains. Cover the window with a blanket to make it dark. Crawl under the covers and go to sleep.

Did I mention to unload the gun under your pillow so you don't shoot the first person to wake you up?

I have had mild to severe migraines. The severe ones aren't a whole lotta fun, feels like your head is going to explode and you get the urge to release the pressure yourself with a power drill...and there's the nausea from the pain...

If it's a bad one, head for the dark room and sleep...or you'll end up killing someone...maybe even yourself...

Glad you're empty-headed, girl!

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Glad to hear that you have nothing up there :) :)

I am a migraine/headache perosn. For me I use a prescription drug called amidrine. Also axert is another good one. The over the counter stuff is like candy for my headaches--probably b/c i had taken it so often.

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First of all I am so happy to see your post. Ned is always welcome here!

I have suffered from migraines since I was in the 3rd grade. Back then the only thing to take was Tylenol, which does nothing. I suffered for so many years and one day we went to a baseball game and they were handing out free samples of "Goody's Powders". Have you heard of them? They are over the counter and it is a powder with basically a combination of aspirin, acetametaphin(sp) and lots of caffeine.

It works, I promise. It has been my saving grace. I've tried numerous prescription migraine meds, but Goody's works better. When I had my first meeting with my onc. the first thing I told him is that he had to let me keep taking my "Goody's" for my migraines. He hadn't heard of it! Of course he agreed, whatever works.

Because it is a powder it gets into your system immediately. I have rarely had a case that it didn't get rid of my migraine in 10 minutes. I have turned so many people on to this that I should be the national spokesman. THEY WORK!! The worst part is that it is a powder, but I became a pro at just pouring it on the back of my tongue and like Becky said swigged a Diet Coke with it. You also have the added benefit of an energy boost! :wink:

Hope you can find them in your neck of the woods.


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