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Tarceva's purpose


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I am curious if I should ask my mom's Dr. about putting my mom on this drug. I am a little unsure though of it's purpose. Is it prescribed to prevent growth in tumors only or is also prescribed for other reasons? It seems like there are many people here who take it, but maybe the metastises to her brain and bone prevent her from taking it. It is hard to get plain english explanations of cancer drugs I am finding and searching through the hundreds of clinical trials myself (I am not a Dr.) is all-consuming and overwhelming...

For those of you who are participating in trials, how did you begin your search?

Thanks in advance!!

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Tarceva's purpose is to a) target the tumor(s) and shrink them, (B) target the tumor(s) and stop them from growing and progressing and © as preventative maintenance after surgery or NED.

It is not a trial and has been approved. Put it on your list to ask the doctor about.

The search for trials is very difficult. I was in a trial and I can tell you that it is very intense to be in one. I had appointments at the hospital at least once a week, sometimes twice a week. They are constantly monitoring you, so be prepared to make a big commitment of time when you start a trial.

Good luck and keep us posted on the treatment you find for your beautiful mom.


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