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liver spread and bile taste?


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Can someone tell me if you have ever experienced a terrible bile taste from having spread to the liver. My gram is not able to eat very much anymore and her doc says the cancer has probably spread to her liver. They are not doing tests because she is not having any treatment. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if there is anything to do for the terrible taste. Since everything tastes so bad she is losing weight very fast. Thank you for any replies.

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I remember my mother lost her appetite when the disease spread to her liver. Liver cancer is sometimes called a "silent disease" because in an early stage it often does not cause symptoms. At the end, the metastases caused swollen abdomen (comparable to a pregnant woman!).


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When the liver is involved appetite goes fast.

When my liver was inflamed, (not cancer) I had no appetite and everything tasted terrible. But, I could drink fresh sqeezed orange juice...not canned or carton. And I ate goat cheese on Stone ground wheat crackers..made in Canada. Those were the only things that went

down for me.

So sorry she is not doing well.

Cindi o'h

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When the cancer metastisized to my mom's liver her appetite went quickly too. She said things either had no taste or tasted bad.

My mom never liked ensure, but there is a "juice" also that is packed with calories that she drank for awhile. Sorry I can't remember the name.

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