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2010 Olympic news - Exciting and Sad


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Hey All,

Today was a very exciting day for all us Vancouverites! It was announced that we won the right to host the 2010 Olympics. It was very thrilling, and an intense feeling of pride in our city/country (especially having Canada Day yesterday!). I screamed with excitement and then immediately started to cry uncontrollably.

These last few weeks Dad has been making comments of how he wont be here to see the olympics if we got them. Now we do and he's right....he may not see them. My dad is not the kind of guy who likes to go to games, he'd rather watch a Canucks game than go to one, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. And he may not be around to see it.

I havent been giving in...in fact I am the only one left who still sees Dad in the future....so today was a really hard day for me. I know we all have way more important worries than the olympics but I think the reality of it all kinda hit me hard. So I have been bummed out all day.

I hope you all had a better day than me....and to everyone currently in Chemo and Radiation....KICK *ss!!! I am praying for you all.

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Dear Tracy,

Congratulations on you Canadian victory! I see by your post your dad is having almost the exact same treatments as I had. These treatments have worked very well for me - feeling good for over a year now. Once the meds start to kick butt, your Dad will start to feel better too, and his outlook may very well change - his goal can be to see those Olympics! And with treatment and prayer, he WILL see them! Please tell him we're all cheering him on! :) And we're cheering you on, too! Keep that goal in mind, ok?


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Congradulations on the Olympics of 2010! I agree that setting a goal to attend an event would be awesome!

I highly recommend that if you have the opportunity to volunteer during the events to do so. I was part of the Salt Lake City 2002 volunteer team (((((((((((Charge))))))))))) as we would say it. We took our family to several of the events when I wasn't volunteering. It was truely a magical time for us.

I pray that your dads treatment will kick butt and he can feel of the Olympic Spirit in 2010.

Hugs, Shelly

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Your dad may be around to see it. Just remain positive and try to help your dad to be positive. Research all the options available and enjoy each day. One week can seem like a month with this disease. Enjoy some time for yourself, especially when dad is stable and okay. Your dad maybe one of the lucky ones so good luck and go for it!

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Hey Tracy,

I had heard a small blurb on the local news in N.Y. and it was at the end of World News Tonight hosted by Peter Jennings, who, of course, is a Canuck. I was happy to hear it too and now they have to do something about the Sea to Sky Hwy -- a freeway around the city of Vancouver would be nice too. Boy, do I miss B.C. --- anyhow, perhaps once your Dad gets all of his scans done and starts undergoing treatment and reaches the "feel better" point, he'll start to believe and aim for 2010. Is he interested in looking at this board. There are many survivors here and incredible attitudes. It would probably make him feel better to read some of the stories. As for you, perhaps there is a caregivers group at VGH or wherever. You might be able to get some "tips" there and also some support for yourself.

Take care --- Gail

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