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Brain Mets?!?!?!?!!!!

Remembering Dave

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I want to offer my hopes that this is nothing more than junk from all the treatments you've had to go through. My thoughts will be with you till you get to the bottom of this. You are a warrior, that's for sure.


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It's just the veggies that you had a few weeks ago! I know that it's nothing and if they cut it out you will be fine! Just may be a little longer before you can start growing your hair back! At this rate you'll never catch up with me! I have boy hair! :lol:

You know I'm here for ya'll!

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Sorry you are going through this worry. I too think that the fact the doctor isn't sure what they are is definetely a good sign. With Daddys Met, they new IMMIEDIATELY... could tell by the MRI and it was not big at all. SO>>>> here are lots of prayers that your docs are just overly cautious and don't want to take anything for granted. Love, Sharon

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Okay, I've been reading over everyone's posts and I have to agree with everyone here. Although I kind of have a different take on PEA BRAIN!

David, have you been putting PEA'S up your nose??? Maybe they are just that, PEAS IN THE BRAIN????!!!!! :shock: Maybe Faith did it when you were sleeping! :roll:

Kids do the darnest things?! :P:P

Your really in my thoughts and prayers as is your entire wonderful family!

(((((((((((((TO YOU ALL))))))))))))

Love to you all,


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Prayers being sent your way that the "peas" are nothing. And if they are something, as you said, you have too much to live for -- that wonderful wife of yours and that beautiful little girl and a supportive extended family. You are a fighter!!! But you deserve a break and hope this is a "false alarm".

Gail P-M

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this is karen.


YA'LL, not only does he have pea brain, he's got decadron brain, too, he started taking it the other day, and decadron makes Dave, shall we say, a little AGGRESSIVE? I sure wish he would exhibit the sense of humor he has on this board a little bit around the house . . . . !!

well, I truly believe that no matter what it is, it's been caught early and will be dealt with. I'm just disappointed that he can't start recovering now like we had planned. It's like riding a really crappy roller coaster.

It's very likely that it's some sort of scarring from that area of his brain getting doubled zapped with radiation.

On a slightly brighter note, at least people are starting to come look at the house. we had one couple yesterday and someone else coming today. so if we can get a contract on the house, we can start looking forward to a new life and focus more on the ins and outs of moving to take our minds off of this stuff.

I'm also starting to think we need a truly fresh start, and think we should buy a brand new house in a brand new subdivision rather look for a preowned house.

well, prayers appreciated, especially those to help me deal with Mr. Decadron!

God Bless,


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Hi Karen and David.

I love the new photo!!

Looks just like what I imagined David to look like.

Decadron brain is no fun for the person with it or anyone in their path.

I get it, Karen (and David)

It is all part of the "deal"...who said it would be easy?

But you guys are doing it...just don't scratch each other's eyes out!

Hang on.. one day this will all be behind you!

Love the idea about starting over fresh... anything that will

make your lives simpler.

Cindi o'h

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Dear David and Karen,

Way back in my mis-spent youth, there was a song (sort of folky song) about not putting peas in your ears (something to the effect that you should never tell kids not to put peas in their ears because that would automatically make them do it). Now, did Karen, or someone else, tell you not to put peas in your ears, David? I wouldn't be surprised -- especially with a decadron brain....

But it does sound like radiation scars, and even if it's not, then the stereotactic surgery is relatively easy compared with whittling them out with a knife. I've got everything crossed, and touching wood like mad, that it's just scarring. If not, you'll forge ahead and beat this too -- AND find a great new house. I know it!

The only thing is you have to behave better at home, dave. Karen will tell us if you don't. And Don't Put Any More Peas down your Ears.


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I love the new picture of the peas :):)

Tell Faith she is supposed to EAT the peas even if they taste icky and not implant them inside her parents :)

I hope the house sells fast, the pea episode will come to a happy conclusion, and you both can recover!

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David and Karen,

I can think of nothing more frightening than the news you await. You have just undergone treatment, which could very well be scar tisue. I agree with others that have said to "preoccupy your thoughts with anything you can." JUST GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!! I went to the movies and saw "The Fauckers", went to The Dallas Art Museum, walking, shopping, the book store, anything!!!! Just make yourself get up and moving. Otherwise, I would not get dressed and sleep all day.

David, I am here for you and Karen if you need anything at all. Remember though, this could be nothing.


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Hello David. You do not know me but I am your cousin via your granddad Chapman and my dad Chester Chapman...they were brothers as I am sure you know all of that. I am number 8 in the line up of 9 kids. Boy, I have been trying to figure this email thing out...that is not easy for someone who is nearly computer illiterate...hahaha.

I have been keeping up with your medical history through emails from your parents and I just now recieved the latest. You have been in my prayers along with all the rest of them and I am sure there are alot of them. You have really been through it the past couple years. You are a remarkable person, so very strong. Your strength comes from your faith. Never lose sight of the fact that God has his hand on you and he will not let you fall from Him but will help you continue to walk with Him. He is the one with the answers and He knows what is to be. Hang in there David. I know it has got to be hard but just hang in there.

I best go....love....

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Dear David and Karen,

well I am sorry to hear this, but I think that it may be scar tissue and I agree with whoever (sorry can't remember, I think Mom passed her "chemo brain" onto me hahahah) said that if they are not, then they are so small, they can be zapped!!

I am not sure what or who I believe is watching over us, but I will add my thoughts and prayer out to you for sure!!!

and may all this with the house and all be a fresh start this year!



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I can understand why you are scrared. Its a normal reaction. I sure hope that it turns out to be nothing, but if it is then I hope they can do the surgery ASAP. You guys have had alot on your plates. I keep you in my prayers but will start saying them a little louder.


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Tomorrow is David's appointment, and I'm shamelessly bumping this up to remind everyone to please keep praying for the best news. David has been Pea Brain long enough. Time for a new name, and Empty Head will work just fine! I'm sure he and Karen and Faith would like to welcome NED back to the family very soon. Thanks, everyone.

Praying for us all,


P.S. I hope the new avatar brings everyone a smile today.

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