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Brain Mets?!?!?!?!!!!

Remembering Dave

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Oh, Becky, your new Avatar brought a tear to my eyes. I am on the computer in her room and she is asleep behind me. Thank you so much, and thank you to everyone here for your support. I am off to bed. Tomorrow Karen, Faith and I will go to IHOP for breakfast and then take Faith to Nursery school and then Karen and I will go on to the Massey Cancer Center to see the Neurosurgeon. I have been trying not to worry too much about it. I am on the steroids so my mind is really not working at 100% but have done pretty good so far--been craving meat....more meat....must have meat....mmmm meat....red meat.....chicken....saugage.......bacon.......pork.....buffalo.......ostrich.... pepperoni....HIDE THE CAT...MUST HAVE MEAT....... Can't wait to get off the steroids. Seriously, I am going to take myself off of them, I have already started reducing my dosage. I would rather take the pain pills than the steroids.

I doubt anything will happen tomorrow proceedure wise but hopefully we will get a plan of action.

David C

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Hi David and Karen.

All the best of luck for tomorrow. I will for sure be looking for an update from you.

And David, your humor is the best. Without it what would we do? Hide the cat...too funny. I know all about steroids...been on them since Thanksgiving!! Nothing in the house to eat anymore. :cry:

Cindi o'h

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