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Kind of freaked out


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Hi Everyone,

I have been pondering whether to share this or not but here goes.

In November, I started having pain in left shoulder (good side).

Thought it was arthritis, bursitis etc. Went to Primary Dr. and she gave

me a cortisone shot. Did not help one bit. Have had problems in the past w/ bursitis and it's very painful. The point being I have been justifying this pain. Dec. 10th had a Onc.Dr. appt. told him. Now I have to go get a MRI of shoulder and CT of lungs on Monday. Painkillers don't help, they just take the edge off the pain. Now that the day is almost here I'm getting weirded out that it is back. I can handle the physical it's the mental part I'm having a hard time with. Have only told my one sister

who has dealt w/ a serious illness in the past, so she knows how I feel.

I haven't told my girls because it was right before the holidays. I know

they will have a fit that I haven't told them, but I hate upsetting them if

its just something other than cancer. Prayers needed for my head.

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Two years ago I had a lot of pain in my shoulder (prior to cancer). At first I thought it was from my bra straps digging into them so hard. I saw the orthopedic doctor and it so happens that all my tendons and ligaments were pulled out and when he just touched my shoulder it dislocated. He said my shoulder looked like I was a wrestler or body builder.

To make a long story short....the pain killers did not touch the pain. I know how upsetting it is to wait for those damn tests and everytime you have an ache or pain we freak out. It is good that the doctors do the MRI and CAT Scans it's just very hard to sit and wait for the worst.

Try not to think the worst (easier said then done) and I would probably wait to tell the kids when you know the results. They have been through so much so far and why worry them if it's not warranted.

I'll be thinking about you, good luck.

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The waiting and anxiety are soooo hard!

The only things that seem to help me are trying to meditate and keeping my mind busy with mindless activities like watching a movie or reading a book.

I'll be praying for your head (and your shoulder, too).

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I'm glad you shared this with us....perhaps it will lighten the burden a bit until you know exactly what is causing this pain.

It's SO hard not to worry when awaiting test results. I don't think anyone here would argue with that...altho for some, the wait seems even harder.

I just had my scan last Monday...and since my tx ended 4 mos. ago...this one was a little harder to wait for. I thought I was doing just fine...but hubby said I was a grump till I got the all clear. :roll: But back in the beginning of all this...when I still awaited my dx after the biopsy...I can remember telling myself, "There is nothing you can do either way until you know what this is. To worry...might be to waste these intervening days in needless concern."

I still think that makes a lot of sense...yet as I said, it wasn't so easy THIS time waiting for results. One thing that sort of helped...was that I started knitting preemie caps to donate to the hospital. The act of doing something charitable...giving back...sorta helped me focus on something else. Do you do any crafts or handwork? If so...haul it out and work on something...it might help.

Take some deep breaths and try not to worry over something that might turn out to be non-cancer related. And know we're here if you need a hand to hold until you've got some answers. The mind.....well, sometimes our minds have a mind of their own....do ya know how I mean? :roll: If only we could turn them off....like a t.v....eh?

We're here when you need to spout, Ella....and I'm holding nothing but positive thoughts for the results of your tests. Try to enjoy the rest of the weekend and be sure to let us know when you get results.

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Ella, as you know I was the caregiver, not the patient, so it is difficult for me to relate to the fear that you have with each ache and pain. Although, since lc has entered my life each little ache does conger up scary thoughts.

However, just remember, the words of my mother you never ever cursed. She always said the old age (anything over 50) was fascinating. Every morning it was an a$$ or an elbow. Let us not forget that our bodies start to do strange things as we age.

I hope your pain is because you are over 50.

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I can only imagine how freaked out and scared you are, waiting is the worst. But remember, like Ginny said, most people get aches and pains. Unfortunately when dealing with cancer that is the first thing that pops into one's head.

My parents were copmlaining just the other day that they are having lots of over 50 aches.

I am 30, so who knows, maybe I am starting 20 years earlier with mine ;) heehee.

Hang in there, good luck and let us know how it goes!

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Thanks everyone,

Hopefully it is over 50 aches and pains. But if this is the golden years,

they can keep them. I have a tentative appt. w/ an Ortho. Dr. but have

to see Onco. Dr. first. Will let you know.

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Hi Ella, I just spent two months worrying because they saw a new nodule on my last scan. I had my doctors appt. yesterday and guess what. The new nodule didn't show up on this scan. The waiting and worrying is a witch.

I have a lot of shoulder pain but haven't discussed it with a Doc. I think I hurt my shoulder a few months ago and just keep irritating it. I have noticed that it gets worse if I spend too much time on the computer. I think most of the pain is really coming from my neck and just shows up in my shoulder.

I know it's hard, but try to remember that it can be many things that have nothing to do with cancer. Hang in there and good luck on Monday.

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