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Chemo Related Pain - I think


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I am looking for help from the voices of experience. Last Thrusday, I had my chemo treatment (Altima). Starting that night, I started experiencing some shoulder pain. The pain is just escalating to the point that I started taking pain meds (first time since on the cancer road trip) last night. The pain meds are helping me to sleep but are not alleviating the pain much. When I spoke to the doctor, he indicated that I could increase the dosage.

I am fairly sure that the pain is from the chemo. Has anyone out there had the same experience with this chemo? If yes, how did you find relief? Does the course of the pain run like the fatigue - it will start to go away?

I swear that at least with labor pain that they had effective pain relief. I am quite sure that I can bear another day and evening like yesterday.

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John experienced pain with one of his chemos, but it was more of an all over muscle pain. He found that drinking lots of water before, during, and after the chemo helped with the pain.

You should ask your question in the "Ask the Experts" forum (click above) and see what the doctors and nurses think.

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