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Alimta as treatment for lung cancer


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My husband is 53 and has had small cell lung cancer for 16 months and is now stage 4. The cancer metastasized to his brain, but was treated with radiation and the brain is clear now. Currently undergoing treatment with Alimta, after trying all other types of chemo. Does anyone have any experience with Alimta as a lung cancer treatment? He is on his 4th round. He is extremely tired all of the time, and coughs alot. I was wondering if this is normal - he takes the treatment every 3rd week, and I was expecting him to start feeling better towards the end of the 3rd week. Instead, he seems to feel just as bad as when he first gets the treatment.

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Hi Mennie,

First of all , I would like to welcome you to the group. There is a lot of information and so many wonderful kind, supportive people here.

I'm not sure I can add anything to help you, but my husband is currently on Alimta, as well. He has had two treatments and he is tired. The only other side effect has been a rash he had this past week. He has nsclc and your husband has sclc, I believe. Each cancer case is unique in it's own and it's hard to compare. Tiredness is a side effect of most cancer treatment. To describe my husband's tiredness, I would have to say he needs extra naps and basically doesn't have the stamina to do much more than care for his own needs and run occassional errands. This hasn't been just due to Alimta, but the case throughout his treatments.

I don't think there are many here on Alimta , but hopefully some others will come with information to help you.

God Bless,


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First, welcome to the family!

Second, my husband just had his third Alimta treatment. He has also been very tired and has a rash. He does start feeling some better towards the end of the three weeks. Unfortunately, he doesn't feel like doing much other than running kids and some errands here and there. He has been plagued with an infection the last two treatments. He is back on his antibiotics as of last night with a high fever. I don't think his problems are due to the Alimta, however. He has a leg that has had several blood clots in it and it seems to be prone to infection.

We will know how the Alimta is working when he gets his scans on Tuesday. Take care.

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