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Mucinex Expectorant


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Does anyone have any experience or advice regarding Mucinex? This is the cough expectorant that used to be by Rx only and has now been switched to an over-the-counter medication. It has been highly publicized and marketed lately and I am wondering if it would help Bill get some relief from a recently developed unproductive cough.

Thanks for any insight.

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Hi Beth,

It has been what...about 5 months since his radiation treatments?

This is just about the time for radiation pneumonitis to check in. A symptom is a nonproductive cough and does require treatment. I was using guyfenisin Rx to try to combat this on my own, but that wasn't working. For me, I needed medical help.

Do you have a pulmonologist you can see?

Another thing that can cause a nonproductive cough is asthma.

Where is Dr. Joe when we need him?

Thanks, Cindi o'h

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Mucinex is guafenisin in a timed release tablet. My dad was taking 2400 mg. a day for COPD, and I was taking 1200 mg. a day for bronchitis. Like you said, it is an expectorant, with the same ingredient as most over-the-counter cough medicines (guafenisin). Guafenisin, alone, used to be available only by prescription. The FDA loosened this requirement, and Mucinex was the first one on the market. There are several other brands out there, but my understanding is that they have to make some changes in their literature or something before they can be marketed.

It is very effective to loosen phlegm, and is a common ingredient in Robitussin and other cough medicines. The nice thing about Mucinex is that you don't have to have the decongestant and other stuff, although you can buy liquid guafenisin in a syrupy cough formula, usually called just "Tussin", and if you get generic brands, a large bottle is usually about $5.00. You have take a LOT of it, though, to equal 600 mg. of guafenisin.

At first, Mucinex was "behind the counter" - a doctor had to tell you to ask for it. It is now "over the counter", however, some places here only have the bottles of 20 on display, and you have to ask the pharmacist for bottles of 40 (a little cheaper). This is true at WalMart in Indy. A bottle of 20 is about $9.00, 40 about $17.00.

I hope Bill is feeling better, Beth. I think of you every day.



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Evening everyone......Hope everyone had a nice Monday.

I have been wondering also about the Mucinex, and if Mom could take it. Although she really doesnt have a cough. She coughs when she is trying to get something up, and sometimes the phlegm just dont wanna leave.

Her pulmonoligist had her one Difil-G, it is I guess an expectorant, as its helps her alot. She was recently trying to do away with what she felt where unnessacery rx's. She was off about 3 weeks and got back on it last friday and is today much better, no tighness in her chest, able to cough that stuff up. So I dont think this is a rx we will do away with. It comes in pill form and at first they were prescribed 2 pills 4 x day. I think thats what she didnt like, but doc just put her on 1 pill 4 times a day.

You might wanna check with the dr and see of this may be something that will help Bill with his cough. Sending prayers that he gets some relief soon.

Thanks for all the valuable info on Mucinex Peggy, you could almost be Dr Joe....maybe our Drug Information Specialist.

God Bless


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My doc recently told me to buy Mucinex for a cold I couldn't shake. As others on this thread have mentioned....Mucinex is a guafenesin and it's proven to work as an expectorant. It really does work. I've suffered from Primary Pulmonary Hypertension for a number of years and decongestants are a no no for me. Guafenisen has been my savior through colds and flus. I hope it works for you as well.

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Thanks to everyone with their valuable input and advice. As Bill is scheduled to meet with his oncologist today and receive his weekly chemotherapy, he's going to discuss the possiblity of the pneumonitis with the doctor and check into the use of Mucinex. I guess we'll have to wait and see. If he does begin taking, I'll certainly be back to post the results. As ususal, all the support and help is greatly appreciated.

Love and prayers,

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