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First follow-up CT


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Time for my first post-treatment CT scan that will start my every 3 month routine for 2005. I'll have it Wednesday morning and see the Oncologist afterward. She'll have the report by the time I see her - WOW!

I'll see the Pulmonologist Monday -- talked to his nurse today and told her about the PET results -- she was thrilled and said he would be too.

I'm feeling better and better, so have a good feeling about this one. Keeping all digits crossed!


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Good luck, Di.

That first scan is a good one.

I want to warn you, though, if you are like me, you are going to feel a loss about what to do with all of your time. I wanted to keep doing "something"... to fight.

Now you will be in the wait and see mode.

It is a tough place to be. Especially for a mover like you.

Everything is crossed and I just know that it will be good. It is amazing

that you can already feel a good report in your bones.

Cindi o'h

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Yeahright, Cindi -- in my bones! And I thought it was just arthritis! :P

I'll just come here and bug everyone while trying to pass the time between scans, ok? Of course, you all won't mind reading my incessant rants and moronic philosophies, will ya? I knew you wouldn't! :P


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All sorts of shapes and sizes of prayers and good luck charms and just plain old best wishes are heading your way, from me and from loads of folks.

I can feel the results shaping up nicely as I write this In your lungs will be the letters NED written in ink only you can see.

That NED has to be careful you know--I mean he DOES live with a lot of ladies we all know and love!.

love and fortitude


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