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Thank you all again!!


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Hi All,

I moved over to this NSCL forum, as you all have welcomed me and certaily made me feel comfortable meeting you all. I just wanted to thank you all for your imput and help. There certainly is a ton of infomation here as well as support.

Joel has an appointment with his Onocologist on Thurs. and they will talk about adjuntive (?) chemo.

This is his 3rd week since surgery, 2nd wk home. He had 3 X- Rays taken today, and did a lot of walking, which he certainly was not used too. He did really well (took an extra pain pill) But was absolutely exhausted tonight. Didn't use his breathing thing today at all.

I have to go back to work tomorrow as I have been off for a month. I hate leaving him, but I am confident that he will do fine by himself. He can always call me on my cell if there is any problems.

I will keep you posted what his Onocologist says about the Chemo. This is one thing he is not looking foward too.

take care all...


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Hi Maryann

Sounds like Joel is doing better each day. Hope the visit with the oncologist is a good one. I am not doing any after surgery chemo so I don't have any input at all on that. They took samples from several nodules and lymph nodes during my surgery and all were negative for cancer so I am comfortable with this decision that was made . I am fortunate in many ways that this was caught early. The surgery is the same except they didn't take a whole lobe, just 20% of the top left lobe.

The first day that I was left all by myself when my husband went back to work was a long one. I think I was afraid to be alone for fear of what could happen . Anxiety and panic could have easily taken over that first day or two. Now things are better and I am more comfortable with the situation and being alone during the day. My husband felt bad leaving me alone and I am sure you will have those feelings as well.

You both have a good week.


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Thank you for your posts, Ginny and Kate.

The reason he is opt to do chemo. is preventive. Even though he is "cancder free" right now. I just dont trust those beasts. There may be some too small to detect.

On his profile I had down left upper lung, I mean left upper lobe was removed. Which I just changed.

Also, his Pulmonist Doc. said that with the operation he has a 65% of being cured and with the Chemo it would be 70%. I like those odds.

Good luck to you both.

Getting ready to go to work.

Will keep you posted on what his Onocologist says.

take care


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You might want to ask about the grade of the tumor. The grade tells the aggressiveness, also maybe ask about the mitotic rate (how fast the cancer cells divide)

Cancer can change though, and I guess the grade could also.

Chemo usually works best against fast dividing cancer cells. Some cancer cells divide less than others and will be less susepctible to chemo.

Maybe something to talk the Dr about

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I, like Joel, had my upper left lung removed and was staged at 1B. At the time (June 2003), the news had just come out that adjuvant chemo after surgery for early stage (except 1A) had benefits of about 5%.

For me, there was no question in my mind as to whether to do it or not. That 5% represents a lot to me, and any percentage of advantage I can gain, no matter how small, is significant to me.

Since then, even more evidence has come out to prove benefits of adjuvant chemo in early stage cases, I have read up to 12-15% above survival rates of those who don't do the chemo.

It certainly is an individual choice, but for me, I tolerated treatments pretty well, and just decided that knowing I had done everything offered to prevent a recurrence was worth the inconvenience of a few months.

I had my chemo on Thursdays and sometimes I worked on Friday and sometimes I took it off to rest. I had an out of town business trip for a week right in the middle of my treatments, and we just scheduled chemos around that. I took my anti-nausea meds as directed, which was whether I felt I needed them or not for 3 days following chemo, and I really didn't have any stomach problems. I had weekly chemo for three weeks and then one week off. Others have a different routine with different drugs.

After my three cycles had ended, it was no longer than about two weeks than I felt terrific. My blood counts went a little low sometimes during chemo and I had to have an arenesp injection, but after chemo was over, they returned to normal and have been that way ever since.

This is getting way too long, but although I would never say anyone enjoyed chemo, I think Joel might be surprised that it might not be as bad as it is purported to be. Please PM me if you think I can help you guys through this.

Also, he should be ok on his own for a while at this point......


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Glad Joel is doing so well, walking is so important.

Before I had surgery I was dx Stage 1A, once they cut me open they found that damn lymph node.....that sprang me forward to Stage 3A. Anyway when I was Stage 1A I was also going to do chemo. I felt that more was better then less.

Although everything was removed from me the doctors advised radiation and chemo as "prevenative", even though I had it rough.....I would probably do it again (I'm not a normal patient though, don't worry because I had it rough....I'm different then everyone else!).

Just like now, I am taking Tarceva......just in case. Every little edge is great> I figure by the time I do everything humanly possible nothing would want to grow in my body!

Good luck!

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HI all,

Andrea, Dadstimeon (sorry do not know your name), John , funny Beth thanks for your feedback and as usual your good wishes. John you seem hesitant about the chemo in his early stage. You feel he should look into a clinical trial rather then doing the chemo route?

Cindy, Iam insterested in your story. You seem to have the same stage as Joel including having the upper left lobe removed. Iam curious to know how they caught it in you in an early stage. Also everything on your profile seems to end on Nov. 6, 2003. Have you been getting scans every three months? I imagine you have and its been NED. Which is very encouraging to me for Joel. Also how was the Cisplatin/Gemzar for you. Did you lose your hair or feel really neaous or fatigued?

Thanks all, I will keep you updated on his visit to the Onocologist on Thurs.

I just wish I had a recliner for him. Everyone seems to have one. He has been in our bed, sleeps on his back and sitting up. Iam sure he would have been more comfortable on one. Oh well, at least I have him near me.

I think I mentioned that today was my first day back to work. And he did fine by himself.

Also, I think the percocets are starting to make him a little sick now. Sometimes he vomits when he takes them. Maybe when we go to the Onolcologist he will change to something else.

take care you all, bless you


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