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Amifostene? Arinecp? Surgery? Just a few questions


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Just an update on my mom she is doing great and having no pain in her shoulder any longer. Radiation doctor says he suspects the tumor is shrinking since her shoulder is not hurting her any longer. Kind of leary about the upcoming week. Its chemo and radiation time again for them to meet. She handles plain radiation okay then they throw that chemo in and it whoops her butt! Her hair is falling out but she seems to be doing fine with that. Doctor gave her a shot of Arinecp for low Hemoglobin anyone have that shot? She said it hurt. Low white blood count and she is to keep taking her temp to look for signs of infection.

Few questions she wants me to ask

Amifostene anyone have good outcome with that? Did it work?

She is thinking about surgery wants to know what is to be expected good and bad? She is worried about the breathing tube???

Thank you EVERYONE for your support and prayers. :D

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I can only talk about the Aranesp. My husband received a couple of those shots, and yes, he's no woos by any means, and he said those shots hurt like h*@#. I was sure glad that insurance paid for it, too. I think it was $1,400 or $1,500 a shot. The good news is that it worked.

Others will respond and hopefully answer your other questions.


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Hi Calintay.

There are lots of 4 lobers around. I am not one of them. I still have all of mine. But, I have read a lot of stories from others.

If the surgeon can remove her lobe using a VATS technique, that would be the easiest from what I know. Not all thorasic surgeons do this yet. It is video assisted thoracotomy or thoracoscopy. The surgeon goes between the ribs instead of having to spread them or break them. The doctor would use scopes and tools through smaller incisons and an istrument that shoots staples into the internal incisions for closure. All quite nifty.

If you don't have a surgeon chosen, you might want to investigate this possibility for her. Some thorasic surgeons do lungs only.

Others will be by to offer their experiences.

Glad that you are able to help your Mom with researching her best care and options. Good luck.

Cindi o'h

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My only experience with any of those was arenesp, and it did hurt going in and for a while afterwards. But, I'd say within 15 minutes all pain was gone. I had to have those injections for low platelets during chemo.

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The Amifosdine really helped save my hearing from more pain, so I'd say it worked very well.

had radiation to my left upper quad, and that's what I got the amifostine for.. I am a 4 lober, very happy to be here.

I wouldn't worry about the breathing tube. They take that out after surgery, and you'll have just the oxygen nasal cannula unless your lung workup showed,

I had procrit for rd cells back in the dark ages. Worked okay, but I never nticed any major diffferences before or after. The Heme numbers did go up, though, so I bet my breathing improved.

Hugs to your mother,


Prayers always,


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