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Finished chemo as of today!


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Went to see my onco today to discuss my scans and he announced I was now done w/ chemo-see you in 3 months. That I did the 2 extra rounds and that he didnt want me to do any additional. I was shocked, stunned and cried like a baby. Hugged everyone in the office as I left.

PCI ahead of me, but I can't beleive I am done w/ chemo.

Seeing a pulminologist next week about the plueral effusion and cough. Setting up PCI.

I can't believe I am done w/ chemo, IV's, blood counts, neupogen, all the side effects and just plain feeling like a chemo patinet (needs no further description for you guys as you know what I mean).

Thank-you for continuously holding me up when I just couldn't so it myself.


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