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Hi my name is Pamm

My mom Gloria was just diagnosed with Stage IV NSCLC, most likely large cell carcinoma. She has rapidly gone down hill. She has mets to her brain, liver and lymph sys. She just started Iressa. We all have decided no chemo because of her weak condition. Does anyone have any suggestions. We are going to have Hsopice to come in to help its just my dad and I right now. He is 68, mom is 66 and I am 44. Also mom fights with constipation so bad and after laxatives has so many poops sometimes accidents any suggestions here?

Thank you

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Hi Pamm

So sorry to hear about your Mom's diagnosis.

I'm afraid that I can't help with your questions, except to say that apparently Iressa does cause some people to have diarrhea, so that might take care of the constipation problem??

Iressa has worked really well for many people here, and I hope it does the same for your Mom.

Welcome to the board, you will find so much valuable information and support.

All the best


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Hi Pamm,

I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I have been on Iressa and also had the same problem your mom does. I took over the counter medicine for the diareah and that really helped. Her doctor could probably suggest a brand for her with just a phone call.

Please feel free to come to this site and ask any questions you may have. It's the best support system around. These guys and gals are the best.

Hugs to you,


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I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I hope that Iressa will give her the turn around that she needs. Her laxatives may be too strong. I use Senna-s. It seems to do the trick without alot of stomach cramps or other problems. We are here for you and hope that you will continue to post and let us know how your mother is doing. Welcome to our group. No one is glad they had to seek this board but all are glad they found it once the need was there.


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I am sorry about your mom, I hope the Iressa helps her. It has been very successful for my husband for a long time now. As the others have said, diarhea is a side effect of Iressa so she may not need the laxatives after she has taken it awhile. If she gets constipated try using some good old fashioned prune juice, bran, etc. and see if it does the trick. Apple juice will help also.

Let us know how she does.


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I am right outside of Philadelphia and I have a commode that was used very infrequently and looks brand new. The hospital supply company will not take commodes back. It is yours it you want it. Just PM me.

Hope your Mother does well on Iressa. When it works, it works.

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Hi; welcome to a very helpful group....

Only advice I can add: I conquered the constipation problem with "stool softeners" , over the counter stuff. Its very effective, and a lot less messy. Also; I take Nexium for the stomach, and I heard a nurse say that it helps with constipation too, getting things started up by the stomach, etc. Laxatives tend to be such a "messy" solution. Might try the stool softeners...much better. Good luck....Rich B.

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