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Temodar is kicking my butt!


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Hey Guys,

I took my first chemo round of pills last at 11:00 pm. A couple of hours later I woke up vommiting. I did that all night, and up until now. I was up on the table getting radiation with the mask on, and started heaving. I didn't realize I was up so high, but paniced to get the mask off. Not that I had anything to throw up, but the thought of it was pretty nasty with the mask deal and all. :lol:

I just ate some jello pudding and hope it stays down. That worked with radiation and chemo last time. I guess it sticks to your insides a bit more! ha! I haven't been able to keep water down even. Anyway, TAnn, sleep does help. I am doing as much as the steroids allow.

Prayers to all,


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I, too, am so sorry to hear that you are feeling poorly. To me, being sick to my stomach is one of the worst things that can happen.

I know that Ginny said Earl did some things to help the nausea. I think she said he took it before he went to bed and with anti-nausea medicine and that helped a lot. Hopefully, she'll be checking in soon and can give you better information.

I don't like to hear that Temodar is kicking your butt because I don't like to hear that anything is kicking your butt.

Hang in there, kiddo. We're all pulling for you.



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Yep Cheryl, I got that order from Peggy through ESP so here I am.

Earl took 3 Temodar pills each day for 5 days and then no pills for 23 days. The dr. said to take them right before sleep since you are less likely to get sick during sleep. He got sick the first night of each cycle, throwing up. But I started giving him compazine with every time he took the Temodar. Don't know if it helped but he only got sick the first night everytime.

Hope this is true for you too. Sick to your stomach is just miserable. Hang tough young lady. This too will come to pass and you will be on to the vaccine.

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I didn't do traditional chemo so don't know all the tricks for making things stay where they belong and not come jumping out at very bad times... Iressa did bad things for me the other way :oops: ...and believe me, prior to THAT, I always thought tossing my cookies was the worst feeling. I have to say, it's better accepted to toss your cookies uncontrolled than to poop your pants (very happy to say I came close but never tested that theory).

The closest thing I have to uncontrolled vomiting is six months of morning sickness. I kept saltines by the bed and ate a few before I lifted my head from the pillow. YES, I had crumbs in the bed, but my tummy wasn't doing flip-flops while I sat up!

Keep drinking the liquids, keep eating. According to my physician at the time of my pregnancy when I couldn't keep down water, SOME portion of what you eat/drink IS getting where it needs to go. Don't stop eating OR drinking...and then he prescribed a vitamin the size of a bottlecap! :roll:

I hope it's just a "first day of cycle" kind of thing and eases each time (if you are doing more than one cycle). Whatever it is, I hope it just flippin' QUITS!

Past this hurdle...past this hurdle....one more day/hour/minute...one more day/week/month...one more treatment, the one you've been WAITING for, the one that is the cure - the one that's a simple SHOT!

Keep going, Cheryl, keep going...


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Tried to post earlier, for some reason computer wouldn't let me.

I am sorry to read you are having a tough time. Just focus on the positive ane in no time this will all be over. You are a strong woman of faith and you believe as I do who is in control here. He is carrying you through all of tthis. You are strong and it sounds like you have a great team of doctors there in Dallas. Please keep us posted.

God Bless, Prayers and hugs,


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YUCK, sorry to hear you are feeling miserable... BUT, maybe the Temodar is also kicking the cancer right in the butt too!!! Thats my wish!! There is nothing worse than vomitting... just to make you laugh... since having children everytime I puke I wet my pants.. .great visual huh??? Prayers for you... Love, Sharon

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I am sorry that the pills are making you so sick... Maybe this will subside as the treatment continues. Wonder if there are any anti-naseau meds that be taken with it? There are some super strong ones available but dont know if it could be taken with the other.

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Cheryl, Sorry you're having such a crummy time of it.

That was my thought too, suppositories.

Although zofran was my antinausea of choice.

If you could take that about 45 minutes BEFORE the meds?

Sounds like the first night is the worst.

Hang in there, kiddo.



Prayers always.

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