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Lucie Update

Don Wood

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We went to the onc today. Lucie finished her radiation treatments on the skull last week. She has been extremely tired from the treatments. Onc wants to wait a month to give the radiation full time to work and then scan for effectiveness. Last scans still show some minor activity in the lymph nodes near the lungs, so onc wants to try another chemo. He has cooled on Tarceva because of the more recent studies with Iressa. He is back to recommending Alimta, which he had recommended as a backup during Navelbine treatment. Lucie asked to have a break so she can get to feeling more normal before trying something else. He agreed with that, so she will have at least two weeks rest if not a bit more. We are pleased.

We have been going to church to a weekly dinner there for the past few weeks and it is so good to see her enjoy such activities again and to be able to do so. Thanks again for your continued love, support and prayers. It helps us both very much. Don

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Know Lucie is enjoying the rest from being "treated". Don, always appreciate you two. you encourage the rest of us to keep on keeping on. If no one else responds you guys do. Thanks for being dependable and positive. You two are a beacon. Thank you and enjoy the break from treatment. pammie

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Hi Don.

Good to hear that you two have an oncologist who works "with" you. Lucie can tell when she has had enough and needs a break...

I am glad that you have some semblance of normalcy in your lives and that you can do the things that you both enjoy.

I know that you will keep us posted on what you decide. I am curious about the Alimta, myself. Rich posted an article yesterday on Alimta. And it seems to be able to kick the cancer's butt without severely kicking the patient's butt.. that was my spin on it anyway.

As always, take care, And God Bless.

Cindi o'h

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Don -

Just this morning I was wondering how Lucie was doing...so glad to see an update. I hope Lucie enjoys her break and that Alimta does the job. Thank you so much for providing a source of inspiration for us all!!!!

Much Love to BOTH of you!!!!


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We had the pleasure of talking with Lucie via the telephone the other night. Wow, what a beautiful, articulate lady she is and we really enjoyed the visit!

The break will do you both good. and we are so happy to hear she is enjoying the things she likes. What a super caregiver you are Don. You are both so lucky to have each other as we are lucky to have you both. Enjoy the time off!


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I am so happy that Lucie continues to have a somewhat normal life. That is so important. Meeting with friends and family, continuing to do the things we so enjoy, like sewing, it makes all the difference.

Earl's dr. at one point told him he had well behaved cancer. It looks like Lucie does too. The treatments seem to work.

Love and prayers for you both.

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Thanks for the update on Lucy. Enjoy the break time. Mike is on Alimta now. It is an every 3 week treatment and takes about 40 minutes for premeds and the actual chemo. He started it December 6th and has had two treatments. It is given with a vitamin B12 shot to start and the shot is repeated in 9 weeks. Folic acid tablets are given each day also plus dexamethasone prep with treatment and after. So far, Mike has done pretty good. He is tired (requiring frequent rest) and he did develop a rash a few days after the last treatment which has gradually faded. He goes on Monday, Jan17th for a visit with the onc, and for his 3rd treatment. It will be followed up by CT (chest , abdomen and pelvic) about 2 weeks later.. We will be getting those results on Feb 7th. That will be the plan if all goes according to schedule. Will let you know how things go or feel free to PM me if I can answer any other questions about Mike's treatment. I'm not very knowledgeable about it, but I will do my best. As always hugs to you and Lucie and thank you for all that you give of yourself to others in this "family".

God Bless you,


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