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Palliative Care

Kel M

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Hi all,

Mom's brain scan came back negative yesterday, but because she is so weak and she continues to have neurological impairments, she was admitted to hospital and into the palliative care unit.

The news was, obviously, devastating. The more positive news is that they are going to try and deal with the issues that have been plaguing her (shortness of breath, balance, headaches) and if they can get her stronger, they will do further tests and consider starting chemo again. That is helping us put a positive spin on it at least.

Mom also said that if the cancer was going to beat her, she was going to go down fighting. How proud of her I was. The unit is nice (quite a bit nicer than the rest of the hospital) and it comes with excellent psychological care. The psychologist actually spent an hour with my brother yesterday, who I think up to now, had been refusing to acknowledge the possibility that we might be going down this path.

At this point, all I can offer Mom is comfort. She's asked me to be strong for her and I will do everything I can to honour that request. I'm off to the hospital to spend the day with her - as usual, your thoughts and prayers are welcomed and appreciated. How I appreciate the meaning of one day at a time.

Know, too, that my thoughts and prayers are with you.


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these are the moments that you show your mom, what a woman she brought into the world and raised. these days you will find that you will do anything and everything to make your mom proud and without knowing it, you already have.

she is feeding off of your strength without you knowing it right now. So know that whatever your doing is already helping her.

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Stronger tonight, stronger tomorrow, stronger Sunday and more of the same every day. I've seen so many times on this board where people were just in horrible shape, admitted to hospitals, even have had hospice called in, only to rebound and get a lot better.

I'll be praying for this for your mom!



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