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how do I add more protein?


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I'd like to add more protein and water to my diet this year. The water is easy enough but I'm not sure how to get the protein. I've heard people talking about soy shakes, protein shakes. Does anyone have any ideas for them? I'd like to do some sort of a soy shake in the AM for breakfast (i can also use the calcium) and perhaps a protein shake at lunch. I used to drink the slim fast stuff.. they do have a bunch of vitamins and stuff in them but they are so expensive. I think I could make some of my own if I just knew what to put in them.

Any ideas?

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The dietitian at the complementary medicine clinic I went to last year recommended whey protein shakes. You can buy whey protein at the health food store and then mix it with juice or water or milk I guess, I don't know for sure, I never bought any.

I did order some soy shakes from revivalsoy.com. They're pretty good.

I tried to increase my protein with lean chicken, fish, pork mostly. There's also beans and tofu and eggs and cheese.

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The soy is really an excellent source of protein. I add soybeans to salad and soups. I also pot soy butter on fruit. When I make egg salad, I mix the egg with cottage cheese instead of mayo. I also do the same with tuna salad...(use cottage cheese instead of mayo). The mayo is empty fat calories while the cottage cheese has protein, less fat and with flax seed, according to the budwig diet, has some anti cancer properties. The cottage cheese with tuna makes a great tuna salad and is VERY high protein and not very high calorie. It tastes great with some celery and onion.

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