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good thoughts requested

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We go to our Big Impressive Cancer Center (sorry, ripping off a phrase from www.momscancer.com) on Monday to see the neurosurgeon who does the gamma knife stuff about Dave's potential brain mets. Good vibes our way are much appreciated. Prayers that the peas aren't mets but radiation damage are really appreciated.

As some of you may have noticed, we changed our user name to reflect the fact that we both use it. I think some folks had an issue with that - wasn't really sure how that could be an issue but I guess if you're looking for a controversary you can find one. . .. I hope folks did notice that I always sign my name (this is Karen) when I post, but it's possible some folks don't read all the way down . . .

As an update to us (and hoping no one hijacks my post again) we are doing better. I think Dave needed to read my painful thoughts and see the responses, good and bad, to fully understand how I felt. He's not up to a conversation at all, and he's never been known as The Great Communicator. It's pretty stressful living our life and with me chronically ill since before Thanksgiving, it's doubly hard. Imagine two sick people, tired and stressed out, trying to parent a three year old? (excuses to those who get tired of me naming my stressors). I did see Dave's ENT doc this week who put her finger right on three issues I have, all of which were clear on the sinus CT scan I had done - the same CT scan my family doc said looked fine. the ENT doc prescribed some new meds and I feel so well now it's quite remarkable. And ready to delve right back into the stress. Saw my shrink yesterday and gave her the whole low down since I last saw her before Christmas, she, again, told me how amazed she was at all how I was holding it all together. I assured her I had some pretty close calls when I almost lost it, thank you God (I mean that) for not letting that happen.

We had some other things going on as well, behind the scenes, and I think those things are also resolved.

So we are ready for the real fight - the potential fight against brain mets. Those brain mets don't know what they're up against!

God Bless,

Karen C.

p.s. We have been so blessed to have such good medical personnel, every nurse, doctor, technician, even the housekeepers and porters in the hospitals, have been nothing but wonderful to us. I look forward to meeting more of them on Monday.

p.p.s. I am posting my intimate thoughts here because I HOPE I can help other caregivers who feel they are reaching the end of their rope. When you feel the end of the rope, just wrap it around your wrist and hang on tight, someone will come pull you back up sooner or later.

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Karen -

Thoughts and prayers coming for you and Dave. You sound a bit more relaxed and I am glad you are better. Here's to hoping there is nothing to fight...thoughts and prayers coming to your during the weekend but especially on Monday.

Much Love,


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Monday, Monday, Monday....what a stressful day! Ya'll have the pea brain appointment.......I have my brain MRI (in the coffin) and Mike (colon cancer friend) sees my oco doc for a 2nd opinion.


Phones and ears will be ringing on Monday, probably be able to cut the air with a knife on Monday!

Bet we are ALL going to be FINE. Monday will be a GOOD day!!!!!! We are only accepting good news!

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Karen, David and Beth,

Here's praying that Monday is a wonderful day and that only good results are noted. I will be thinking about all of you.


P.S. Karen, I am sure glad you got something for your sinuses. It makes a world of difference when we "feel" like we can handle things.


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Hi Karen, you and David, and Faith always in my thought. I will pray hard for you guys especially David. I hope that those peas aren't the mets. I really appreciate your love to David and Faith and David's fighting spirit and positive attitude. Keep us posted my dear.

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Shamelessly bumping this up and adding my prayers. David has so much to live for (see photo here, for one thing!), and it's time he and Karen had a break from medical problems! I pray the peas are not mets, and in fact that the peas are gone, and that we'll all hear shouts of joy tomorrow. (Beth, that goes for you, too, and your friend Mike.)


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Gotta share with you that when I was little, I use to HATE pea's! ishy, barfff, so I would drop a pea here and there on the floor and the dog would eat them for me. (bless his heart)! Oh ya, mom knew!!! :roll:

Well having said that, maybe the doctor has a similar story and he/she will tell you that the DOG ATE THEM! They're ALL GONE!

My prayers will be loud and clear.

Love & Hugs to you All,


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