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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to clear up some misconceptions some of you may have had about some of our experts.

The folks from Mary Crowley are not paid by LCSC and we are not paid by them.

They are volunteering their personal time to answer our questions.

Mary Crowley Medical Research Center is a CHARITY / non profit. They do not profit one penny if you go to their facilities or not. They do not profit from drug manufacturers or pharmacutical companies.

The acknowledgement of their website in some of their answers is because their website is sometimes updated daily with new information and rather than type all of the information again, the Dr. referred to the website in his answers.

The President of Mary Crowley is Mary Crowley's grandson. Mary Crowley began the research center because she was diagnosed with cancer twice and was very discouraged that the same treatments made available to her in the 60s were the same threatment options available to her in 1994.

LCSC will continue to expand our search for experts in an effort to support our members and to one day offer a range of experts from all fields.

I'd like to thank all our volunteers and our experts for being here for us when you do not have to, and simply because you want to.

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Dear Katie and Rick,

Thank you so very much for working to bring the Mary Crowley Experts to LCSC.

I too wish to say THANK YOU to all the wonderful Experts that take the time to lend a helping hand for all of us here at LCSC.

You are all greatly appreciated.

A Sincere Thank You,

Connie B.

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Hi Katie.

Thanks for clearing this up... I was wondering myself why the messages of call Mary Crowley 1-800-555 etc..

I know that most people don't know oncodoc"s last name or where he works. I wonder how someone could have miscontrued his purpose for being on the board as other than altruistic? I think that what he said is that someone was accusing him of having ulterior motives.... how could that be, when, for the most part, he has remained anonymous?

I wish I knew who it was that made him leave us. For the brief time he was here, I really had a sense of confidence in his presence.

Thanks for all you do.

Cindi o'h

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Dear Members.

I was going to address part of Cindi's message, but found I got carried away and didn't really address her message. Please disregard my comments on Addressing Cindi's message. Thank you All. (I have edited this part of my message as to NOT take away from Cindi's wonderful message.) Having said all this, I hope you'll all read on.

I have sat here being a very good girl regarding all the mishap and misunderstanding regarding Dr. Joe and that entire situation.

First and Foremost, I wish for you and ALL the members of LCSC to know that I have EVERYONE'S best interest and safty and comfort at heart here. I/We Board of Director's care deeply for many of our members, and even the ones that lurk behind the curtains. We want EVERYONE to be able to come to LCSC and feel safe and comfortable here.

At NO time do we force members to remain a member of LCSC if they are not happy or comfortable here. I for one would say, if your needs are NOT getting met here, then maybe that person needs to move on.

As for Dr. Joe. I do know his last name and I also know where he works. For the PORTECTION of the members, we Board of Director's did look into Dr. Joe's credentials. Again, we do this for the comfort and safty of our members.

Dr. Joe's intentions were NEVER to come to LCSC to "drum up business" His sole purpose was and is to offer support and some helpful hints along our journey's. I like to think of Dr. Joe as a "GUEST SPEAKER" in that he comes here out of the goodness of his heart and share's his knowledge with everyone here.

I also wish to say, that I don't think that One person or two people drove Dr. Joe off. Knowing Dr. Joe the way I do, I think his reason for leaving us is for the betterment of the GROUP here! I am sure he doesn't want to see any of our members hurt and suffer for WHAT EVER reason, as neither do I or the Board of Director's. I think our Dr. Joe is just trying to protect us the best way he knows how. I really don't think he WANTS to leave us!

I am going to do all that I can to get to the bottom of this issue with Dr. Joe. I do this out of RESPECT for the Members of LCSC and because I care GREATLY for everyone in need on this wonderful board. My heart is big, but I will NOT tolerate anyone to be unkind or hurtful to someone on LCSC if I can help it. In part you could say, I am doing my job, in another sense you can say, I worry and I care very much for everyone here, and I don't want anything to happen to all the hard work and efforts that have been made here on LCSC to get hurt or damaged by some MEAN SPRITED PERSON!

Please know, I do what I do because I care and because I lost many family members to Lung Cancer, and I too am a Lung Cancer Survivor.

I believe in what LCSC is doing for people, and I want nothing but the BEST for LCSC Members.

Thank you all, and please know my prayers are with us all.


Connie Berchem

Board of Director for LCSC

& Very Proud Lung Cancer Survivor

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I'm sorry Cindy if I over stepped your message. Didn't mean to do that. I guess I just saw a little crack in the door being opened and I felt the need to open it wider?! I guess I just got carried away. You can disregard the matter that I was addressing your message. I guess out of all honesty I just had a few things to say, and your message opened that door.

I thought your message was well put. Thank you and I am sorry for this misunderstanding.

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I wonder how someone could have miscontrued his purpose for being on the board as other than altruistic? I think that what he said is that someone was accusing him of having ulterior motives.... how could that be, when, for the most part, he has remained anonymous?

We (LCSC Board of Directors) have always known who Joe was and you're definitely right, there was no way he was here for any finacial gains.

I don't know what the person was thinking when they began the campaign of insults against him and a few other members here. What I know is that once this person was reported to us, (oddly enough by a different member having the same type of problems) we were then required to investigate the member ID and PM box and found what Joe said to be true and there were other instances involving other members that were very disturbing as well.

That member has been banned for violation of LCSC policy and will be reported to their ISP and the authorities.

Anyone who violates LCSC registration policy (The same policy that LCSC originated with in 2002) will be banned from this website in a strict effort to provide a safe environment for lung cancer patients and their family members.

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I am just so sad that it has had to come down to Joe leaving us. He was doing such a bang up job and with a heart of gold to boot.

I know where Joe works, too. I used to work in the same office building as he.

Here he is in my backyard. He is one of us. He is part of me. I take his leaving very personally. The kind of integrity and honesty that he brought here is very rare and I am just so sad and disgusted that he was run off by some anonymous hoodlum.

I have some grieving to do....


Cindi o'h

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