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Hi Everyone, It is me again. Thank you all for the responses you sent me on the test on the mediaoscopy. I am glad it is not too bad. But I still have another question. What all do they check for when doing this test? I have had the bronchoscopy and the needle biopsy and they were negative but the lymph node there was enlarged and maybe that is what they are checking. John Hopkins is doing all this and I don't see the Dr. till the 26th. I just got all the information from my dr to refer me there and after reviewing my tests and ct this is what he wants to do so why would he want to do this if everything is negative. Sorry to be a bother but I am just worried. I have to raise my grandson. Thanks Again for your kind words. Thanks Nancy

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All I can tell you is my experience.

I went in the surgery already diagnosed with lung cancer through a needle boipsy.

I was prepared to have my lung removed, in fact, that is what I was hoping and praying would happen.

The surgeon did the least invasive procedure first. The mediastinoscopy. Why? To determing the extent of the disease. He planned to take biopsies of the lymph nodes that surround the esophagus. If they were negative for disease, then he would have removed my lung.

However, they were positive for disease on both sides of the esophagus which, in turn, rendered my not a candidate for surgical removal of my lung. The disease had spread too far.

In your case, I would get a very clear understanding of why the doctors want you to have this surgery. If you don't understand something, then ask. If you still don't understand, then ask again. If you still don't understand, don't have any surgery until you do.

Hopefully, whatever you decide, will give you the most comfort.. And give that little Zach a good sqeeze from me!

Cindi o'h

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Hi __________,

I know your name from chat the other night, but I don't know if you have been using it on the public forum. By the way, I really enjoyed chatting with you.

I'm afraid I don't have any answers for you, but just wanted you to know that I'm thinking about you and hope that your tests all come out ok.

Also, your profile reflects my favorite Bible verse. That verse has helped me through more catastrophies than I can tell about.



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