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Thyroid Underactive?????


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Hi guys,

Well, it's just always something I guess, but this is not really a major concern. Had physical with my GP the other day and had all the blood work that goes with that. I was also telling him about my seeming inability to lose any weight despite the exercise and good diet. He added a thyroid function test onto the bloodwork, and lo and behold, my thyroid is slightly underactive and he wants me to take synthroid for it and follow-up in 4-6 weeks.

Now, I feel kind of vindicated because, I'm telling you, I've made an honest effort at trying to lose weight, but nothing is happening here. I've done it before and I know what it takes, but this is ridiculous.

Could also be the explanation for the brittle nails, dry hair and skin, sore muscles, and that sleepy feeling I have a lot of the time.

I'm not complaining here, believe me, if all it takes to 'cure' this is a little pill once a day, that's great, and we've all been through much much more than this, but seems like I've seen some hypoactive thyroid discussion on this board before?? Anybody?????? Snowflake, was that you?????

Any thoughts from anybody would be appreciated.


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That was me, Cindy.

My PCP kept upping my dosage a bit at a time and nothing. STILL gaining weight, tired, etc. She sent me for more extensive bloodwork and sent me to an endocrinologist....

The thyroid cycle was explained to me, how by upping some levels it lowers others, etc. There are two levels (excuse me, I don't know where my notes are so I don't have the names) that should rise or fall in tandem - mine didn't. One went up, one went down...

I see the endo. doctor again in February to learn if there is anything that can be fixed or not...

I've continued to gain weight, no matter what I eat or don't eat. I haven't been binging, there's no junk food in my house....now have 50 pounds to lose, not the 20 I wanted to lose in the first place... :roll:

Hope you're an easy fix, at least! I HATE waiting to "fix" me!

PM me if you have more detailed questions or want more info.


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Thanks Becky, I thought that was you....oh, I hope my levels don't start jumping up and down and all that. I know your frustration with that scale, I am eating right too and exercising and nothing but gain!

Well, I've been on webmd.com and all that reading, and I do fit the symptoms in a lot of ways, so hopefully this little pill will work.

I hope you find some solutions sometime soon....I'm in the 30 pound range to lose and I'd love to get started, but my metabolism is not cooperating.....

I'll see what a month or so on this medication brings.

Thank you.


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I also have this problem which my PC dr. discovered after i started to complain about no energy, depressed, getting fatter and fatter, etc. He prescribed synthroid also, it takes about 4-6 weeks to start working, I think, but now I am feeling better. The weight is still there, but at least I do have more energy than before and am not as depressed. I think this problem affects alot of women in their late 40's - early 50"s (I'm 51). In my case it was caused by my radiation treatment. I have a radiation tatoo right next to where my thyroid is. The oncologist pointed that out right away when I told him what the PC dr. found. So in my case, it was a side effect from radiation. Hopefully the meds will straighten us out!


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Been on both ends of the thyroid spectrum, and then some! Was hyper some 30 years ago, with a goiter and the eye bulge (exophthalmia). Drank a dose of RAI (Radioactive Iodine) and in about 4 yrs. time became hypo. Have been on Synthroid ever since.

Prior to my cancer dx I was taking a high dose of Synthroid....alternating days of .175 and .200 mgs. Now I'm at .150 mgs and the other day my PCP said I'm borderline HYPER again! :shock: That sort of blew me away.

But you hit the hypo symptoms right on the button, Cindy...

the brittle nails, dry hair and skin, sore muscles, and that sleepy feeling I have a lot of the time.

Hope a little Synthroid straightens you right out. As you say, a daily pill is pretty easy, but it might take a while to get you on the right dose. Still...it's a pretty magic little pill. If I would forget to take mine for a day or two...I could tell the difference in my energy...so be sure to take your pill on an empty stomach, at the same time each day!

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me too.

I was diagnosed with hypoT 6 months after cancer treatments ended.

My whole body was aching and I wasn't being monitored or educated by my pcp. The physiatrist sent me to the endocrinologist as I was having way too much muscle, joint, tendon pain. He said that was a symptom of low thyroid.

She has been monitoring it since and every time I see her we up the dose a wee bit more. I have gained 50# since treatment started 2 years ago...yikes!! I would like to wear a sign around my neck that says hypothyroidism and prednisone...it wouldn't do any good, though. Everyone would still see all my fat!

Like Addie said... in the morning on an empty stomach. The endocrinologist explained that this drug is labile and reacts strongly with other meds. She advised to keep separate from any others including vitamins.

Good luck to you on this. And sorry about the weight gain.

Cindi o'h

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The pet scan that confirmed my lung tumor also found a small tumor in the right side of my thyroid. A subsequent biopsy confirmed it was a seperate primary thyroid cancer tumor. Two weeks after my lung surgery the right half my thyroid was removed. So far I have not needed any thyroid medication. I have also wondered about the conection betwen lung cancer and the thyroid. There was no histroy of cancer in my family but both my mother and sister had thyroid problems.

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Like everyone else, I also have a thyroid problem. I felt I had a problem for a long time before I found out. My PREVIOUS family doctor just always brushed off all the symptoms and never ordered any testing. My NEW family doc did blood work and founf my thyroid was highly underactive. I think all your symptoms are pretty classic. My oldest son (29) just found he has the same problem. He has no weight problem at all but he was beginning to feel a little sluggish in the afternoon. He has always had an extremely high energy level so this sent up a red flag for him. Doctor prescribed Synthroid but told him once he starts the meds, it's a lifelong thing. My son hasn't filled the meds yet and is reading some books about controlling this with diet. Doctor told him thyroid problems are highly hereditary.

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Thanks everybody for your input, just wanted to give you an update. I'm starting to see some relief in my symptoms here. My achy and sore muscles are pretty much gone now, which is so great I can't tell you!

Also, with diet an exercise, I have lost a grand total of 2.5 pounds since I started the medication! That doesn't seem like much, but I've been dieting and exercising since I was able to move around again after chemo, and been gaining steadily. So, this is a victory, however small.

Am hopeful for some help in the dry skin and hair department, as well as the brittle, always breaking nails, but it hasn't been that long yet, and I really am starting to feel better.

Been reading about this on the web, and I don't know what the heck the cause is in my case.....I'm blaming the breast cancer radiation because that seems logical to me, but I don't know. I don't like the prospect of lifetime medication all that well, but if it makes this all better, that's really not so bad. We've all been thru a heck of a lot worse.

Take care,


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Just wanted to put some more input with the thyroid issue.

As you may have read Joel had the left upper lobe removed, was doing nicely during the post op and then became so lethargic that he spoke in a whisper, lost 45 lbs , had a rapid heart rate and could hardly walk. I was so scared that it was the big C. again. I felt like I was losing him. It was an effort for him to just take a fast shower. He had to shave the next day. Could not do two things the same day. After the shaver or shave, he had to lie down. He was so exhausted.

His pulmonary doctor did not call for a thyroid blood test because he said it is unusual in a male to have hyperthryoidism. But we were certainly glad when his Oncologist suggested blood work. Most of you know that his thyroid was overactive. They gave him that radioactive iodine pill to kill the thyroid. Well that was only 3 weeks ago and he is doing absolutely wonderful. His energy is back, he gain 20 lbs of his 45 lost so far.

He went to the Enco. last week and she said his T levels dropped from 25 to 5. She wants to get him to 3 or 4 so she will give him the synthoid pill because now he is underactive. Right now it is still being staged as overactive as the redioactive pill takes a month to work. So right now he is on Trapozole pill ( which is for overacative). He is to take this for 2 more weeks. Then he will discontinue the Trapzole. There will be a period of 2 weeks where he will be taking nothing. During that time the Doc said he will really gain weight.

I just want to say, that we don't know either what caused his thyroid to act like that. Some Docs say stress can bring it on. But for years Joel was the type of person who ate anything and never gained wait. (talk about people being jealous :roll: )

So he may have had the thyroid problem all long, but it was kind of dormant. But was brought out by the stress of all the LC stuff.

I am just giving some more insight to this thyroid problem that so many of you seem to have.

If you are having those symptoms, get your thyroid count checked. It just take a simple blood test.


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