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Still NED


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Hi Everyone,

Haven't posted in about a year. Got really weak after the PCI and have just been lazying around. I'm starting to get back some of the energy (and no more upchucking) that I use to have so that is also good news. AND my hair finally decided to come back a bit! Thought it never would!

I still have some health issues.. as BC (before cancer) I had epilepsy, diabeties, heart disease, blah blah.. so still managing those ok. I've had several minor surgeries. Only worry now is why I am losing muscle instead of the fat. I'm eating enough for sure and all the right things, so that's not it.. one doc says more exercise will help; another one says less (extensive arthristis in spine) so I do moderate.. LOL

As you can see from my sig.. I'm done with PCI now for a little over a year. There are some days I even forget I had cancer! Is this possible? YES!!! (Don't look in the mirror) I've kept busy, my husband finds things for me to do, and we keep one of our grandkids every Sat. evening! Life is Wonderful!!!

Not one Dr.'s appt or x-ray this month! ah, but next month.. LOL

One thing to remember is DON'T give up HOPE!!!

Thanks to all here who gave me that hope! God Bless you all!


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